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When I quit my job at the end of last challenge, I kinda threw myself into a frenzy of keeping busy.  I took on a bunch of projects so that I wouldn't be sitting around without people contact or achievements to earn, and I was determined not to sit at my computer all day.  Hence my absence from Nerd Fitness .....


Mr. Wizard and I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, and I threw myself into getting ready for our first event.  It was something I had always dreamed of doing .... now seemed like a good time to join up.  I made outfits and wooden camp chairs (yes, I'll post pics ....), and we both took up archery ..... and went to the local archery practice sessions organized by the Baron.  Since our local group was co-hosting, I even jumped in to help get the site ready and cook for the feast.  


Turned out that preparation was more fun than the event.  For one thing, it rained off and on, which put a damper on the archery and fighting events.  I did see one rapier instruction session, which looked pretty cool.  But the heavy fighters looked like they were just swinging wildly, and the archery targets were drawn images on cardboard - which didn't look impressive.  Mostly, people ended up sitting around under canopies and mostly ...... drank.  While people were in costume, they were not really "in character" at all, and no one was paying attention to the competitions even when the weather cleared off for a while.  They were not even careful to hide plastic and labeled bottles.  (The event stewards were pretty frustrated.)  When we got home, Mr. Wizard and I just kinda felt .....




Frankly, the Ren Fest would have been more fun, especially in costume.  While we could go to another event next weekend, I'm considering going up to the Ren Fest to enjoy the food and music instead.  Since tomorrow is my birthday (!), I'm relaxing and enjoying a whole BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!  


Meanwhile ...... back at the 4-week challenge .......  I am focusing on activities and less on a lot of measurable goals.  I have more than a touch of ennui, but at least I'm still trying!!!



Yea ... do it.  I am getting out for at least an hour each day when it isn't raining.  And I am aiming to bike to do local errands, unless I'd have to carry more than my panniers can hold.


5K Races - September 11th and 18th

The 11th is a local run associated with the Defeat of Jesse James Days, and the 18th is my rescheduled Color Run up in Duluth!!  I'm going up for the whole weekend for the Color Run.  SO ...... I'm doing training runs every other day.  



 Mr. Wizard and I practice at least weekly, and I aim to get in another 1 or 2 sessions at the local archery range on my own.  I really need the extra sessions to build up my upper body strength!!!



I am still with the Weight Watchers program, in part because of the local group leader is so inspiring and fun.  I've hit another plateau ..... after losing 20 pounds ..... but measurements show that my body composition has improved a lot.  



I'm chipping away at some house projects, but after the SCA event hit the "RESET" button on unrealistic expectations, I'm casting about for something that inspires me.  






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6 hours ago, Chris-Tien Jinn said:

Meanwhile ...... back at the 4-week challenge .......  I am focusing on activities and less on a lot of measurable goals.  I have more than a touch of ennui, but at least I'm still trying!!!


Glad to see you're back! I'm a huge fan of archery so definitely want to follow along for that. Cheers to your birthday and may this week continue to be awesome :)



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