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Hello from windy waikiki!

Well, we did it. Took an uber suv through the snow to the train station, an amtrak into seattle, and then the light rail to the airport! We stayed at the airport from 11 pm until our flight the next day at 8:15 am. It was less than ideal, but we made it through. Big props to qdoba for giving me a big bowl of meat, and mcdonalds for covering that with bacon and eggs. That was plane food. I dislike the in between that is flying. Tight, uncomfortably warm, full of crying children....but eventually we landed on Oahu. Checked into the hotel in the midst of a wind warning, went across the street for a meal, got some steak skewers and a chunk of mahi mahi. Everyone went to sleep while I went and explored the shopping district. Ended up with a dope new Hawaiian shirt, and the sting of the abc store convenience prices for some necessitates.

Putzed around the beach, then went back to hotel room and napped for an hour. Wife woke me up and we walked around the beach at dusk ,then headed out in search of dinner that our friends had planned. It rained, and I was cold. We waited 15-30 minutes for a table at a very loud sports bar place. I got a single burger patty, and watched ice skating. Vacation is going to be interesting.

Headed back to hotel for a bath and to type this up, but not before stopping off at mcdonalds for three burger patties for a quick top off. Hiking Diamond Head tomorrow morning!

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Aho! Monday started well, with a hike up to diamond head! It was beautiful and I got to do a headstand on top of a bunker where I wasn't supposed to. Had fantastic energy despite fasting, and ran down the trail behind a fit couple. It was a blast. My wife got us a certificate of completing the hike, and then we took a trolley back to Waikiki. Grabbed a bunch of bacon and eggs over beef at McDs, then headed off to pearl harbor! It was pretty intense, saw the Arizona memorial, and climbed around inside a submarine. Headed back to the hotel in super traffic, and I immediately picked up and went north to get dinner before my MKP circle. Hit up a safeway for some chicken leg quarters and a turkey leg, and talked to some woman with the same bag as me how cool it was while I ate greasy meat. She asked me if I go to church, and I got to share that yes, I was on my way to one. For a mens circle, but still counts, right? 

Stuffed myself with meat, then took a walk to the parish where I eventually caught a bunch of guys going into a side building, and I yelled MKP? before they closed the door, and that was more or less the password. Felt super grateful and welcome and it was awesome to find community away from home. Stayed out too late again, and hope to wake up early for some trail running.


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The week continues! Tuesday started with a trail run at The Makiki Valley loop trail. It was mostly fast hiking, maybe 20% running, because iit was all uphill, and 70% TREE ROOTS AND ROCKS. Going back down was a slow process, 2 miles in an hour, got a great sweat on and ran back downhill into town. Spent the rest of the day at the beach, where I went out onto a standup paddle board with my glasses, and then immediately lost them to the waves. Things have been blurry since then...

Sunset was beautiful, didn't need glasses to see that. This morning I ran over to a fitness park for a little workout, then did an impromptu hike up to manoa falls,! The scenery was INCREDIBLE. So green, much jungle. Meanwhile, I'm grateful for grocery store pork products, and food court steak. We've done everything we planned to do, and tomorrow we fly home to the seattle snow. Its been beautiful, and im burnt real good!








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