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I'm finding this really hard. Putting challenges together is one thing, but doing them and recording them seems to have been beyond me so far.

It's been a good summer though. Lots of fun work, and functional exercise, some weight loss, and camping. Pretty happy with that. My functional fitness is still pretty shocking, and as it slowly improves more aches and pains emerge. My hope is that those are issues that are being resolved gradually, that I'm starting to more muscles that aren't used to it. Getting a bit more achey before I get badass. That's the hope.


I've just got back from playing Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and am re-inspired about acting. Which means fitness: mental, physical and emotional. That in mind, challenges...


1. Exercise every day. Can be small. Assisted pull-ups, push-ups and squats with the TRX; yoga, with videos from doyogawithme.com; walking; running. Hoping to go to some boxing classes. STR -2 DEX -2

2. Diet. Three meals a day. Carbs allowed in one of them, probably dinner. No crappy snacks. CON -2 STA - 1

3. Meditation. Every weekday. Five minutes. CHA - 1

4. Knock some more off my debt. WIS - 2






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STR - 1; DEX - 1; STA - 0; CON - 0; WIS - 1; CHA - 1

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Exercise is going well - I am doing it every day. And I walked-ran a Parkrun on Saturday for the first time in five years. My old groin injury has been playing up since though, so there's more stretching and strengthening to be done there. 

Diet's not been so good over the bank holiday weekend - carbs with most meals, and the wife made banana cake... A greater push this week.

Meditation each weekday has been good so far. Would be nice to add weekends too, but I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. 

I've got some good bits of work on in the next few weeks, and am owed money from various summer jobs, so when that comes in, a big chunk of it will go towards debt.

Reasonably on track, but not easy, which is how a challenge should be, I think. I think?

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STR - 1; DEX - 1; STA - 0; CON - 0; WIS - 1; CHA - 1

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Hello! Overdue update. Exercise is going well. This problem I've been having with my hip is bugging me, so I'm sticking to yoga and mobility, rather than any specific strength work at the moment. The Parkrun I did a couple of weeks ago gave me some trouble, so I'm going to take that a bit easier - the following weekend I volunteered rather than ran, so that the habit can continue getting a grip. And last weekend I did a Colour Run with some friends up north - only 2 miles, and so many people there was enforced walking, so that seems to have been okay.

I spoke to a lacrosse coach friend about mobility, and he recommended Gymnastic Bodies, so I'm checking that out. Anyone have any experience of it?

Diet has not been quite as good so far this week. Last week was good, but I've fallen off the carb-avoidance wagon. Off to the supermarket shortly to stock up on veg and meat, so that should help.

Meditation is more regular, which is good, and I've signed up to an online mindfulness course, so that's all good.

Happy with the debt stuff - will knock some more off when I next get paid.

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STR - 1; DEX - 1; STA - 0; CON - 0; WIS - 1; CHA - 1

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