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Recent Ankle Sprain - safe exercises?

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Back story (skip if you're a tl;dr kind of person): My idea of fitness is to go play ultimate frisbee, preferably a couple times a week, and that's worked great (when I've done it, that is) for me for years. I'll throw in dancing too, when I have the time and money (swing, salsa, square... dances that require form and ankle movement, not just the clubbing-type dance). However, I sprained my ankle pretty bad on February 8th, and while my ankle is better, it's still not ready for me to jump, run, or do anything that requires me to bend the ankle much. Plus, I'm now faced with the prospect of not being able to play frisbee or dance for probably a couple months until my ankle heals and strengthens. I've resigned myself to running and working out for the sake of working out until I can resume my regular activities, once my ankle can handle those.

However, I'm not to the point of such activities, and I've been trying to find exercises I can do to maintain/regain some form of shape. Looking around on the web, I've found all sorts of resources for ankle strengthening (including a Nerd Fitness forum post that I've bookmarked), but not a lot of exercises that I can do for the sake of being fit. I don't have equipment and can't afford a gym membership right now, so I'm looking at bodyweight exercises. I definitely need to figure something out, because I've already noticed the effect of the last three sedentary weeks on my body!

Finally coming to the key question: Do you have recommendations for bodyweight exercises that I can do without utilizing/bending/putting more weight on my left ankle? I've figured out that I can do push-ups, chair dips, planks (on one leg), and I can kind of do squats (but I'm really only working the right leg - is that okay for form?!). I can't at this time do two-legged squats, jumping jacks/jump rope, running, lunges or step-ups, which eliminates most of the exercises in Steve's "No gym? No prob" article. Pull-ups I don't have a bar for yet (and can't get a firm grip on my doorframe), and probably need to do some more push-ups first anyway!

Thanks in advance - I've been lurking around the Nerd Fitness site for a while, although this is my first foray into the forums, and I figured that if anyone could help me, y'all probably could.


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As a side note, keep icing it regularly. Even this long afterward. I like the bucket of ice water treatment. It hurts at first, but really seems to speed up the healing.

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