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Dancing Shoes

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Hello everyone!


Does anyone have any recommendations for good, comfortable dancing shoes? My feet are ever so slightly pigeon-toed and I would like some arch support. I've spent hours trying on shoes at my local stores and found nothing that meets my requirements (has the have a bottom that can make turns on the dance floor, and a strap at the ankle so my foot doesn't move inside the shoe, as well as a closed heel, and preferably a closed toe). I'm taking a Brazilian Zouk class right now and I'm dancing either in socks or sneakers, neither of which is ideal.


I'm willing to pay more for a good pair of shoes, I just need to find them. Help!

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1 minute ago, Mad Hatter said:

For turnability you can glue a piece of suede to the sole of any shoe. That's what I did when I danced lindy hop. 

brilliant! Thanks.

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