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I got the job right below the one I said I wanted when I was 5. I'm 31, so not too bad. ;) I'll  hopefully have that next one in a couple years. He plans on retiring soon. :) So now I'm moving. It'll be the last time for a couple of years (til he retires), so I'm taking everything out of storage.

I was going to not have a challenge thread because I have a lot going on and was thinking adding a fitness challenge do it would not be a smart thing to do.


I decided I might need some accountability to keep me working on unpacking. I've been working hard to get my storage locker empty. If I get it empty before September, it'll save me $75. So that's my goal, but it's 4 hours away, so I've been really pushing it. I probably 2 loads left. Then the unpacking starts!

So I'm creating this thread to post updates on my progress. It's probably kind of silly, but I think it'll help keep me motivated. :encouragement:


Also, I'm making a lot of progress on my debt, and as that has been a big part of all my challenges, I want to post about the progres on that. I think my home equity loan will come through before the end of this challenge. :D

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On 8/29/2016 at 5:27 PM, Toshimi said:

Congrats on the job! Hopefully the unpacking goes well! We've been in our place since may and still have some boxes! 


So far, the unpacking feels kind of like Christmas. I had actually completely forgotten about some of the stuff. I'm also taking the opportunity to get rid of more stuff. I feel less attached to it and know that I went a year without it.

I'm giving myself a limit. If I haven't unpacked the box in 1 year, the box goes in the trash. I'm toying with the idea of saying 6 months instead of 1 year. When I moved my stuff into storage, I found stuff I had never unpacked, and I had lived there for 4 years.


23 hours ago, Lou_be_Lou said:



Massive congratulations on the job!  And not having to shift again for a while!  And having your belongings with you!

Absolutely wonderful.  Enjoy.


Plus a huge woot for an empty storage locker in time to save some money.  Excellent work.

Thanks! Moving around was fun, but I had just about hit my limit on it being fun. I think my main problem was not that I had to move frequently but that I never knew WHEN I'd be moving. Now I've got some of that control back. :) It was good for me though. "Character building" as they say.

And yes! $75 in my pocket for kicking it into gear.



This afternoon I'm going to post a picture of what my car port looks like. By the end of the day Saturday I'll post a new picture. It should be all gone. :)

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So that's my carport as of yesterday afternoon when I get off work. I brought in 2 boxes and unpacked those, switched out my dryer cord, hooked up my washer and dryer, loaded the dishwasher with some of my newly rediscovered dishes, meal prepped food for 4 days.

I'm off work today and I want to get food for Labor Day weekend prepared because work will be crazy busy, and make significant progress under the carport.

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The carport is about half done. My kitchen looks better, but still lacks a lot. It is kind of the challenge room, so I'm mostly doing it first. My old kitchen was massive and I loved it. My new kitchen is tiny and I'll enjoy it, but I'll miss my bar, zillions of cabinets, and counter space.

I swapped out my dryer cord, hooked up my washer, plugged in the dryer (nothing exploded or caught fire, so success! on swapping out the cord), and did laundry! In my house! Yay! I really missed that convenience.

I may get more done than I thought because so far, Labor Day is not as crazy here as I thought it would be. SO FAR. I'm not trying to jinx me!

But next week I'll be out of town for 2.5 days to teach CPR at my old park. Cool I get to see people, suck it's a long drive and I need to unpack! But mostly cool. :)



12 hours ago, Lou_be_Lou said:

Looks doable - hope you manage to unpack the boxes rather than hiding them (I'm pretty sure I've still got a couple lurking somewhere).

YAY for food prep!


I'm trying! 2 are completely unpacked and 2  are partially unpacked. 2 of them are freebies though, they are Christmas decorations, so they are supposed to just be hidden. :) But! I did put them where they are supposed to go rather than just moving them out of the way for now. I think I've gotten it about halfway.
The hold up on the 2 partially unpacked boxes is that they are dishes and I'm running them through the dishwasher as they come out.

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Sounds like you're doing well on making your place both functional and yours.  Boring stuff, but essential.  YAY for safely changing the dryer cord.


Enjoy catching up with folk at your old park.  Amazing getting to do that through your job rather than it having to be a holiday catch up.


Great progress!

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NF challenges: March 2018 , 12 , 11 , 10, 9876, 54321



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My house is slowly coming together. Saturday night I slept in my own bed for the first time in 364 days. It was awesome.

I also have the guest room put together. My batcave/craft cave exists but isn't really put together. I need to move workout mats into there and keep the door shut.  I think I need to get new ones because my dog would be heartbroken if took them away from him.

The kitchen is my most challenging room. It is much, much smaller than my old kitchen and I'm having hard time deciding what to get rid of. I'm also debating on buying a rolling kitchen island. I'm really short on prep & cook space, and if I purchased the right kind, it would add to storage space.

All that is left under the carport is empty cardboard boxes and that black filing cabinet. And the kayak of course, but it lives there.

And apparently I was being optimistic on the home loan. It's been 2 months now. I'm not sure what could be left for me to sign! :unsure: I even received a document from my homeowner's insurance saying there is a lien on the house, 3 weeks ago!


I have a week of vacation starting tomorrow. First, larger portion of it will be spent going to see the guy & the kids cause it's been 2 months. :'(

Then when I get back home, I'm going to try to get internet at my house. I have been told that my efforts may be futile, but FOR REAL this is 2016!! I only live NINE MILES from town!

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