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Rather nerdy, and ready to get fit!

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My name is Hannah, I am (almost) 20. I am from England (but I am half-american), and I am currently studying Criminology and Sociology at Uni.

I have always been chubby, despite being born at 3lbs (premature and a twin). My twin was the same, but then she lost a lot of her weight, and I tried too but I never could seem to stay dedicated long enough. My self-esteem was never high, and this made it worse. I have suffered with depression twice in my life, could feel it starting again esp. over this past Christmas I could feel it happening again and I really didn't want that again, but ever since starting this I have never felt this happy and sometimes I don't know how to handle it haha. Also Recently, esp. over Christmas, I started putting on quite a bit of weight. I work at a supermarket, and so I had to stay up at my University town for the majority of Christmas by myself, and so I would buy would tubes of Pringles and eat them in one night ect. I was on www.i-am-bored.com, and they should these progression photos of this girl who have managed to lose quite a bit of weight, and they linked her tumblr. So I explored that, thinking that if she could do it then so could I. And she had a link for this website, about the Paleo diet. and to say my life changed, isn't an understatement. I read it and it just made sense to me, in a way nothing else had. So I just started, I had a few instances of eating some rice and a little bread but that was when I was back home. But other then that, I have eaten almost 100% Paleo ( I have to have milk in my tea in the morning, along with my protein shake), I haven't had any mad cravings, even when coming home at 3am after a night out ( I am a student, alcohol is one of the few things that I know I could give up ( I have been tee-total before) but I don't want to just yet). This was almost a month ago now. My first goal is to drop a jean size by my 20th birthday, which is 17th March. I don't have a weight goal as I want to gain muscle, so I know after awhile it will go back up, so I am keeping it to clothes sizes. But for the first couple of months I am keeping track of my weight just to make sure I am going in the right direction.

Starting Weight: 175.3 lbs

Height: just 5'3"

Weight now (5.3.2012): 166.4

Anyway, I really I am finished now (esp. as you guys bascily have my biography :eek-new: ) [ATTACH=CONFIG]2058[/ATTACH]


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