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noxiousGnome -- Rebooting...Again


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I am... Back? ... Yeah! I am back. =D Gods i have been bad. Last challenge I attempted was July? Things got... hectic. Death int he family, life blew up. Things getting crazy...


So starting over.. again, 1 goal at a time.


Well, Let's rename that to habit. 1 Habit at a time.


I am gonna start with food. I am bad with food. Need to get better with food. SO! With that said, my habit to build:


I will eat only 7 pieces of hardcandy a day.


I purchased two bags of caramels to stash in my drawer at work for those I want to suck on something for the sake of it. And I would eat a ton of them in a short period of time... Daily. Well, three or four within an hour every three hours or so. Most days. So my goal now. I work 8AM to 5PM with an hour lunch. So that leaves me with 8 hours around lunch, of those 8 hours I am never hungry before 9AM, just don't ever want to eat... I drink coffee, that's it usually. So from 9 to 5 I am going to allow one piece of candy an hour. If I eat more than that one piece of candy an hour I cannot go over my 7 pieces a day.

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Gnomish Superhero-In-Training S3|D3|S1|C3|W4.75|CH3

Gnomish Trials and Tribulations

Gnomes Have Epic Quests Too! This gets updated as things get finished or I add more =D

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