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What to do on my days off?

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Massage is good.  You can also go for a walk and gently stretch.


Couple notes for future ref:

1) warming up and cooling down properly will minimize post-workout soreness.  If you work out cold muscles or you go huddle in a chair right after the workout, you're likely to regret it.

2) Two days after the workout is when you will be most sore.  So don't panic, you'll feel better tomorrow.

3) Massage is good for soreness (you can even buy massage tools at most fitness/sport stores, or just use whatever balls, pipes, etc you have laying around.) Some people also like Epsom salt baths.  I would strongly advise at least going for a walk.  Getting the circulation going will help heal your damaged tissues and flush out the byproducts that cause the soreness.

4)  Go for a walk.  Did I mention that?

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On 9/22/2016 at 6:15 PM, Afitnessmindset said:

Yoga is my all time favorite rest day activity. Now, it maybe "active rest", but I actually despise stretching. It's my own way to trick myself into stretching. I've actually really grown to enjoy and actually miss it when I go a few days without it. 

I will admit that I am the least skilled yogi, least flexible person ever. But even I enjoy a short bit of yoga occasionally. Would definitely recommend when you want to move a bit, but not necessarily do a hard workout - so definitely good for sore days. Also, I would definitely agree with going for a walk. Just amble around the neighborhood to get some movement going.

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