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Mandalorian back in track and on the hunt!


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Back at it once again! Jumping in on this challenge mid way, simply because I have the free time now, and am excited to be back! Keeping with the Mandalorian theme, I plan on getting stronger, building mental toughness, increasing my Mandalorian vocabulary, as well as strengthening my body's movement ability! I plan on sharing my trial and tribs, both here and in the daily logs! Let's get to it!




1. Complete the daily lift workout


2. Post said workout for tracking methods



3. Commit one Mandalorian word to memory


4. Meditate daily



5. Attend the yoga class for mobility and range of motion



6. On Sat. Do an endurance activity, i.e. Beach run, hike, etc.



1. Encourage, enlighten and motivate others through living the ramikadyc


2. find a workout buddy!

3. Eat more nutritious meals for BLD

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Alright guys here we are at the last day of the workout week for me. My daughter caught the flu, so in order to finish the full week I have to do a back to back workout due to the limited time frame of gym hours. Not a two-a day. Literally one right after the other! This day is going to test me, I'll let you know how I faired

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