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Back, From The Mists of Time!

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Hello! ... Again!

This is kind of awkward, but here goes.

I was part of Nerd Fitness a couple years ago, and it really started me on a good journey. I began getting fit, and losing weight, and it was AWESOME. Then I got some "real life" people who were also willing to work out with me, and I ended up not being online nearly as much (no offense. :3)

I've had an interesting (and awesome and healing! So it's all good!) journey the past 18 months, and I'm back!

I'm still 20 pounds lighter than I was (w00t!) when I first joined NF in 2010, but since that puts me at 240lbs, 5'10", I still have a long way I want to go. I've lost ALL MY WORK OUT PARTNERS. Partly due to busyness, moving away, and life stuff raking THEM over the coals, and I know I will never accomplish anything on my own. (I'm not a solitary kind of gal.)

I missed you all while I was away! I still read Steve's posts, and thought about forum-ing, but after such a long hiatus, it seemed so awkward.

But this morning, I decided, "I need help, and I know where I can get it!"

So I'm back, ready to drop to 200 lbs by January 1, 2013.

Some challenges I'm facing with meeting my goals are:

- I'm ALL ALONE doing it (and I HATE working out. Friends make it better.)

- I have a knee problem that makes leg exercises difficult, and totally dismisses the possibilities of running or extra-long walks.

- My roommate has the worst eating habits in the world. Ever. And stays totally thin. *facepalm* She is completely supportive of me losing weight, etc, but I love eating with her, and the snacks she constantly makes are SO GOOD. (Before the obvious solution is offered, "Get a new roommate," Shani is more than a roommate. She is my best friend, and we have been through more together than any other friendship I know. She's closer than a sister. So no new roommate. Although if I could get her to JOIN me ...)

- My job is incredibly stressful and eats any will power and energy I have by the time I get home. This makes working out or eating right that much harder.

- Finances are WAY to strapped to include working-out expenses. Otherwise I would love to hit a gym for the weights. (I do like working out with weights.) As it is, I'm trapped in my apartment not knowing what to do a lot of the time.

Some things that will HELP me meet my goals are:

- I've spent a lot of time drinking water the past few weeks, and I'm addicted to the stuff. Speaking of which, I'm thirsty.

- I no longer drink coffee. (Gave it up for Lent last year, now drinking it makes me ill. Poop.)

- I've gone on a very healing journey with help from my friends this past year, and a lot of guilt, shame, and trauma from my past is healed, and I feel like a new person. (Doesn't mean stress doesn't happen, I can just deal with it now, and know IT'S NOT MY FAULT.)

- I've committed to eating vegetarian for Lent this year, and am so far LOVING it. (No weight loss yet, just lots of veggie joy.) I realize it's not PALEO, (which I've also tried) but it's still awesome.

- My friends are supportive of me, even if they don't EAT with me. (Bless their hearts).

- My knee is in a LOT better shape than it WAS, even if I can't do squats or lunges. I can walk! For like, 2 miles! THAT'S SO COOL.

- Nerd Fitness! =D Need I say more?

Yosh! So there's bits and pieces of my story. If you want to know more, I love to talk. (Oh dear cheese, I love to talk!)


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Welcome (back)!

Something new that you may have noticed: the vegetarian section! (vegan and pescatarian can hang out there, too). Hopefully you'll get lots of veggie support!

I'm glad your roommate is your BFF (forgive my cliche) becuase that's better than getting a new roommate. If she's your BFF then ask her to lay off the delicious treats in the house. Let her know you need her support in that way. If she's supportive then she should be willing and able to make a few small compromises while you adjust to a cleaner way of eating.

I know the stressful job thing. Many days I do not feel like working out. But when I do I feel better. I have never regretted not working out. So, if you can (meaning there is 30 minutes to do a workout and you'll be able to get 7-9 hrs sleep <--my litmus test) then do something.. anything you can. Gym not necessary.

Good luck with it all!!!!

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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Ooh - I didn't notice the vegetarian section! I'll definitely check that out. Time for some more experimentation. :3

Yeah, I was doing good working out for about 3 weeks, and then ... I caught the flu, and was laid out in bed for a week - too sick to even GAME! D= (Let's hear it for books on tape!) So that totally lost my momentum. Gonna be doing better tho! Ha ha! *fist pump*

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Welcome back! I too know the struggles of living with people who have terrible eating habits and it can be hard. I'm sure if you asked her to lay off of the delicious snacks, if not entirely, at least when you are around. I also got pretty sick when i started working out regularly again and it threw me off my routine but once i started feeling better i just forced myself to get back into it (you know, get back on the horse and all.) Just remember that everyone on this site wants to see you succeed so don't be afraid to ask any question you have.

Well I guess it's only life, it's only natural We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole

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Heh - thanks! And I will ask her to help me be accountable. :3 (HIDE ALL THE SNACKS!)

I knew coming back would be awesome. ^_~ I'm already carrying you guys around in my head (... not as odd as it sounds!) I wanted a chai, and instead of getting regular milk with whipped cream and joy, I got a soy chai. (My first ever!) =D Huzzah support groups and accountability!

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