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DDP Yoga - Has anyone tried it?

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So I'm a WWE fan. One of my favorite wrestlers swears by this program called DDP Yoga (a program created by a fellow wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page) for strength building and injury recovery. Now, I'm about as flexible as a crowbar, and have considered yoga as a way to increase flexibility for myself. My boyfriend, without whom I probably wouldn't have even heard about this program, has osteoarthritis in his hips and knees, so a no-impact workout regimen is ideal to get him started on the path to getting healthy (Which he has expressed an interest in).


Has anyone tried this program? Or have any recommendations for yoga programs that worked for them?

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I've done it in the past and really loved it.  I will say that it isn't really yoga in the typical sense.  There is nothing spiritual about it like there is other yoga programs.  It's more like yoga meets bodyweight workouts.  It does help with the flexibility, he is fun to listen to if you like his personality and it really is a different take on yoga.  I quit doing the program and really wish i hadn't.  I'd say try it out.  It is a good fit for some people.  There is a thread somewhere on the forums about others who have used it an their experiences.  Most were positive if i remember correctly.  The detractors all seemed to be that it wasn't traditional/spiritual/whatever enough for them.

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DDP is a great introduction to the physical aspects of yoga, especially for people that aren't really drawn to the more 'woo-woo' parts of yoga.  Asana, the physical postures and movements of yoga, are only one of 8 'branches' of yoga, but is the first aspect discovered my the huge majority of students, and it's a great starting place.


A lot of people get turned off by the pseudo-mysticism that creeps into a lot of yoga classes, it's hard to accept spiritual advice and guidance from a 23 year old skinny-mini, even if she can balance on her hands in a 104 Degree room.  DDP focuses on the physical discipline and benefits of yoga without getting into stuff like chanting, Chakras and meditation at all.  If you enjoy it and are happy you can stick with it, if you enjoy it and crave more you can move on to other schools of yoga and explore until you find what grabs you.


I can't remember, it was Krishnamacharya or his son T.K.V. Desikachar that said, 'It doesn't matter what kind of yoga you practice, only that you practice yoga.".  You'll find what clicks with you.


Good Luck!

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Thank you! I actually rooted around and did find that previous thread where people discussed it. The boyfriend and I actually just did the first workout today! The only space we had was in our tiny bedroom, so it got pretty warm pretty quickly, I tell you what. :biggrin-new: I enjoyed it though! Will be doing again in the future.

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Machete's right, I did the program for roughly 2 years. I lost 49lbs, got in decent shape (see https://ddpyoga.com/blogs/success-stories/115256581-daniel) and most importantly, created a long-lasting habit of working out, eating better and still profit from it to this day despite not actively doing the program itself anymore. I still do several of the key movements during my warm-up routine though, but have transitioned into weightlifting a while back.


Lycansbane and Sahaja have summed it up well. The community behind it (teamddpyoga forum) is great too, very supportive and inclusive. I didn't have NF back then so it was a great tool to keep me motivated and accountable.


They even have sales every so often or you can probably use discount codes given away regularly on podcasts like Stone Cold's or Jim Ross's for like 20% off. I can wholeheartedly recommend it, especially for people who have joint-pain, cannot do impact-sports like running and want to take it slow.

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On 9/18/2016 at 11:23 AM, Trixie Falsae said:

I'll have to try this out. Spiff loves yoga (I'm just starting) and he used to wrestle until a back injury forced him to quit. This might be right up his alley.

I believe AJ Styles (Allen Jones) had a back injury while he was with NJPW, shortly before coming on with WWE, and he's back to doing all the things since he started DDP Yoga. 

It seems to be working out very well for us non-wrestlers so far. Although, we aren't exactly injured (just me being a plank of wood, and the boyfriend having osteoarthritis), but boyfriend says he's felt better since we started, and I've noticed an slight increase in stamina and flexibility. Hopefully the trend continues!

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Hiyo VintageCustard!

I've been using DDP Yoga on and off for a couple of years. I can't claim success like Disil has but I am using it to meet two of my quests this year. I like it because of the structure, and I think it is a good introduction to other forms of yoga. It has energized my research in to the other aspects of yoga. Good luck with your endeavor with DDP Yoga!



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Slightly off topic, but If you haven't watched it yet, "Resurrecting Jake the Snake" is a documentary primarily about Jake's struggle with alcoholism and how DDP works with him using DDP Yoga to bring him back to his former glory. If you're a fan of wrestling then it's a must watch! 

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My wife and I do DDP Yoga. We've got one of the big DVD sets. We're on hiatus with it until the 3rd kid arrives, but we've both been big fans of it. One thing that helps, though, is that it's not the only thing that we do.  I could easily see getting bored with the routines over time.  Of course, I can easily see getting bored with yoga and virtually any particular style of training if practiced without variation.

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