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Introducing Moi-self

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Just wanted to say "Hey" and make myself quit lurking about! :smug:

My friends call me "Jennifer," and I make everyone else call me "She Who Must Be Obeyed." Okay, so I'm still working on getting 100% compliance on the latter.

You'll find me sarcastic, seldom serious, but newly committed to taking better care of myself. I'm also one of those nerdy introverted brainiacs who really needs to work on reaching out to people, which is why I'm here. You'll also find me on Twitter as @jennifried, where my bio simply reads, "Your daily reminder that a high IQ does not necessarily translate to intelligent behavior." Story of my life.

I've started my blog here, and hope to contribute on a regular basis both there and in these forums. Thank you for indulging me, and I remain in utter awe of all your accomplishments!

Humbly yours,



[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]Level 3: Outcast, Tweets, Pinterest, "Nerd? We prefer the term Intellectual Badass"

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"Your daily reminder that a high IQ does not necessarily translate to intelligent behavior."

I'm sure it's been mentioned to you that it may in fact be an inverse correlation.

This is a wonderful place for introverts (like me). Most of the time things are just too darn interesting not to participate. Enjoy!

(I'm assuming that was a reference to that lovely pig who also must be obeyed?)

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