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14 minutes ago, deftona said:


We understand things are a bit hectic for you. I guess what I am trying to say is I MISS YOU DUDE, I WANNA SEE YOUR ARTWORK but I am trying to be sufficiently British about it. 


There is a thing to be shared. The work in progress thing I've been back and forth with over the last couple of weeks is done, mounted, framed, and gifted to a friend where it now currently has pride of place. I do have photos, I just need to get them uploaded, which I shall endeavor to do tonight.


We're also about to enter crazy busy church panto season again. Whether it'll end up being like last year's 8 shows in 6 days Wizard of Oz run, I don't know yet. We're into the rehearsals for the fundraising show (an extended version of Hope & Glory, the World War 2 themed show from Remembrance Sunday last year) which will take place next Friday and Saturday nights, and the auctions and ticket sales from that will completely fund this year's Christmas giveaway and panto, which is going to be... Beauty & the Beast. I've heard rumours that I'll be playing Cogsworth...


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26 minutes ago, SomeGuyFromScotland said:

New challenge, such as it will be, will be up shortly. Given that I'm being battered senseless at work (my co-worker's partner has thoughtlessly given birth, so he's on paternity leave, meaning double the workload for Scotty! Hurrah!), nursing assorted injuries and battling other restrictions on my time, it's going to be the most white label, Asda Smart Price of challenges this time around.


It'll work.  My last one barely made it to Page 2.

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I also went hunting for your challenge thread, sorry to hear things went a bit squiggly last time around but I got a hoot out of reading your thread and your artwork is AWESOME! If you don't feel ready to do another challenge then maybe you could start a thread just purely for social purposes. We can cheer (or boo) for whatever you have going on in your life, even if it isn't a challenge. 


Its not the same without you. 

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