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Scouts Tavern: The Common Room Welcomes You


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Hello all, Just here for the beer...


O no wait, I'm here as my next challange will be focused on my training for the GR 10 hike (866 km (538 mi)). (more details below). So, hello for now :)



GR 10;

The GR 10 is a French GR footpath, or hiking trail, that runs the length of the Pyrenees Mountains. It roughly parallels the French-Spanish border on the French side ( 866 km (538 mi) ). Those attempting the entire trail often choose to walk it from west to east, from Hendaye on the Bay of Biscay to Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean Sea, but it can just as easily be traversed east to west.




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Challanges; #1, #2, #3

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Hello future friends,


So, I'm new (here). I'm in the early stages of marathon training (marathon #2!) and I'm looking for a little community to get me through the long, dark months of winter.


I'll be posting something in the challenge forum, which seems pretty desolate, so I thought I'd post something here first.  Really just want to pop in and say hi!



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I'm fairly new as well. I am currently doing a challenge under the Rebel tribe, but I'm a Scout through and through. I plan on getting my mileage up this spring, begin training for a fall marathon (perhaps the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in North Georgia), and begin to transition to biking and swimming so that I can begin triathlons. My goal is to run an Ironman by the end of 2021. After my last ultra 3 years ago, I took a break from everything because I was burned out and transitioning to a new job. I gained a lot of weight, and my endurance sucks. 


I am working up to a steady 5k, 3-5 times per week, then I will begin increasing mileage from 15 miles/week to 30 miles/week. I'll start a marathon training plan around the first of June. 


I'm glad to see that there are a few other Scouts around. We're a small group, but that is part of the allure, isn't it?

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Battle Log: Tales of Kosareh




Challenge 1


Challenge 2

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19 minutes ago, Kosareh said:

We're a small group, but that is part of the allure, isn't it?


We have allure? Nifty! :)

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