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The Season of the Front Squat


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Because of an abused rotator cuff and poor shoulder mobility, I've shelved the back squat for a while and I'm working on the front squat.


Because of poor wrist mobility and that pesky rotator cuff, I'm using the crossed arm form.


Video 1 - bar only


Video 2 - 95 pounds (in total)


Video 3 - 135 pounds (in total)


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I don't front squat, but heels stayed down and the bar moves straight.  You drop into the bottom position pretty fast and the ascent isn't effortless.  It might be easier if you maintained more tightness on the way down, sacrificed a little depth (you are well below parallel), and were able to utilize a little stretch reflex to start the ascent.  I don't know if you considered the 135# rep difficult or not.

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Whoops, forgot to follow my own post.


145 is my max, at 1x1.  I think I need to spend more time for volume at the 85 pound range.


That 135 was done at the end of sets, so I wasn't fresh.


I'll work on maintaining tension throughout and see how it feels, thanks!

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