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Stella and the Black-Heart Blight


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1 hour ago, zeroh13 said:

*Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery*


SO SECOND!!!! All the hugs and speedy healy vibes your way!!

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22 hours ago, IAmInfinite said:

How are you recovering from your operation so far? Any complications or any results on how much of your problems were due to it?


Thanks for checking in on me, aw! :) There were a few complications so I've been back in hospital, but got home today. Overall, I'll be in a lot of pain / on strong painkillers for the next few days but after that I should be back to my self. I also managed to sod up my stitches and got a firm telling off, haha. Despite being in a lot of pain since the procedure (which will fade over the next week) I can already feel a noticeable difference in my heart defect (or, you know, lack thereof now). I guess I'll figure out how much of the fatigue has been alleviated next week since these painkillers are so strong and its hard to tell, but I do feel less tired until its time to take the painkillers again, then off to sleepy-town I go, haha. This is the beginning of something great, I can just feel it! Overall, the op was a huge success and the next few weeks will show whether it will have helped "a lot" or "crazy lodes" - but to be honest, both are fine by me. And after we've worked out where to start from, it'll be "calibrating" my medication and making lifestyle changes. My doctor says that within a few weeks to a few months, he has full faith that I'll be able to rock-climb, surf, run and dance like I always have. It wont be without effort, but god damn this has changed so much. Change, finally! Woo! :D  


So I have been superduper inactive and I am so sorry everyone! Within another 3 days I should be back (and yes, that means those LARP photographs, haha! :D

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You have been so incredibly positive and upbeat through all this, and I feel reinvigorated every time I read an update. Boo for complications, and yay for being out again, and hopefully on track for the mega helping and getting you back out there soon! Truly inspirational, keep those WOOS coming!!



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I hope the pain goes away soon, and the stitches stay done :P I'm so glad you're on the path to recovery and I can't wait to see you become your strong self! 


I'm honestly amazed at how active and upbeat you are despite all of your real life and personal problems, but you continue to be an inspiration and great motivation! :D


All the love and pain-free vibes <3 

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