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That's the struggle with motivation...I would advise you to read this article that sums up what's wrong with motivation



But that's normal. I'm struggling for the last two months and am doing a lot of stuff from the beginning again...getting motivated is easy. Staying when the motivation fades that's the hard part...



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Introduction Or How I started, Challenges: 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; RESPAWN  ; 8 ;

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The Challenge is over. If there was not a new thread for the next challenge, I wouldn't have noticed.

It was my first challenge. The first try to change something. And I already changed something.


First of all, what I am proud of the most: I learned simple past xD I know now that didn't wanted, didn't cared, didn't watched  is wrong. thx to @IAmInfinite for correcting some of my grammar mistakes. And thanks to Grammarly I learned something about using commas in English. As I said before, all of you feel free to correct my English if you see mistakes. I can't learn, if nobody tells me what I am doing wrong.


Diet: I lost 1kg with Paleo/ Slow carb. Haven't stand on a scale for 2 weeks, so I don't know if I lost more.


Bodyweight Workout: I wasn't consistent, but I did something. More than ever before in the time of 4 weeks.

Running: I can say, that I went running at least 2 times per week, except this week. It was raining all day and the better part of the week, so I skipped it. (This week I used the bike once to go to school. I was completely wet when I arrived at the school in the morning and home in the afternoon :D I learned: Don't bike for 15 min when it's raining a lot.) I am now able to run 1 km at once and when I really force myself I can run a mile at once. It's a progress.


Japanese and Swedish: I finished 3/4 of my schedule for Japanese and half of what I planned for Swedish.


Touch Typing: Currently I manage to do 170 keystrokes per minute while using ten fingers and looking on the keyboard. When typing blind I still have just between 90 and 100 keystrokes per minute. Yes, it could have been more, if I had practiced more.


Hätt' der Hund nich' geschissen, hätt' er 'n Hasen gekriegt. Scheißen durft' er, steh'n bleiben nicht.


And thx to @Schaengel for your motivating Likes. :)


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Was wäre das Leben, hätten wir nicht den Mut, etwas zu riskieren. Vincent van Goch

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