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Neeko's Perseverance


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Hey, everyone, and anyone who happens to stop by! I'm excited to post in the Ranger's forums. Like, I probably shouldn't be this happy, it's probably the lack of sleep. Soo for my lack of creativity, let's get this show on the road.


Week Zero:

Get ALL the things done!

  1. Pre-clinical Paperwork x 2
  2. Post clinical Paperwork
  3. Lab Report
  4. Study for Micro Lab
  5. Pre-Quiz
  6. PVD Packet
  7. Independent Study
  8. Figure out a magical way to study for Maternal Newborn
  9. Put laundry away
  10. Vacuum
  11. Go to the Gym x 2
  12. Post the new PvP
  13. Finish typing this
  14. Make my bed look pretty
  15. Organize ALL the things
  16. No schoolwork after 9:30pm

I like making lists! And now you guys know what I need to do o.o so I have to do it now. haha



1. Strength: Go to the Gym 12 times.

-Bonus: Go to the Gym 2 more times.


2. Dexterity: Do Yoga 8 times.

-Bonus: Go to the Yoga class at LA at least 2 times.


3. Stamina: Walk 80 miles during the challenge. Cataloged by my FitBit.

-Bonus: Walk 20 more miles during the challenge.


4. Constitution: Read for 14 hours during the challenge.

-Bonus: Take my vitamin every day. So 28 times.


5. Wisdom: Study and or do homework for 50 hours total for the challenge.

-Bonus:  Study and or do homework for 10 hours more.


6. Charisma: Create and keep a battle log. Post on the log 10 times.

-Bonus: Socially interact with people in real life like 2 times. (It can't be my cousins I live with, unless we go somewhere.)


Total Points Possible for Each Trait

Strength: 3

Dexterity: 2

Stamina: 2

Constitution: 2

Wisdom: 5

Charisma: 1


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6 minutes ago, Neeko said:

13.Finish typing this

Love it.

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Looks like a busy zero week and a good challenge.

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On 9/20/2016 at 8:46 PM, fleaball said:

Love it.

hehe I had to feel like I accomplished something lol


On 9/20/2016 at 9:53 PM, bker1370 said:

Welcome aboard.

Thank you! And, welcome to my hectic challenge!


On 9/21/2016 at 0:32 AM, Elastigirl said:

Looks like a busy zero week and a good challenge.

Thank you! And that is my life. Crazy and busy, all the time.


On 9/21/2016 at 6:08 PM, Vibrantella said:

Great quests! :D Good luck!


I also like lists, that's mostly what my BuJo is all about.

Thank you! Lists are awesome! Especially when I remember to look at them o.o I sometimes forget. I have Wunderlist on my phone and it's literally right in front of my face, and I still manage to forget things.



I hope everyone's ready for the challenge to begin tomorrow! I know I'm looking forward to it! AND! I have a new PvP up for this challenge! Soo please join! Walk Another Mile!

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Level 1 Elf Rebel Ranger

STR 0.15 || DEX 0.00 || STA 0.36 || CON 4.71 || WIS 6.47 || CHA 3.32

Character Profile || Fitbit

Battle Log || Current Challenge

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Looks like a great challenge! Following along for sure! Good luck :)

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