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Starting again at Level 0

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There is now a level 0.


That is how I'm feeling right now. OK, not quite level 0, lets say 0.25. Some of the scouts might remember from early last year.


Everytime I think I have things worked out, or getting things back on track I derail myself one way or another. Most of the times it usually some sort of injury (pulled muscle, hurting my lower back, diagnosed with high blood pressure, tearing ligaments in my right ankle...). I just cant keep myself from falling back into the ditch, and then I proceed to dig myself deeper.


Going back about 2 years I managed to loose around 55kg, which put me on 116kg at the time. But over the last few years I managed to gain 35kg back again back to a hefty 150kg. Things just feel a bit hopeless at times.


I am slowly getting back into jogging, having started with a 5k running program again, but I'm not very consistent with getting out there. Sorry if all of this a bit of a mess, but I'm strugling to put my thoughts onto paper properly

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Hey there! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so great; but just think; you haven't gone back to square one again! More like square three or four. You may have put back on another 35kg, but that's still 25kg lower than you were a few years back! Sometimes progress happens in a lovely, satisfying upward curve... But the other ninety nine percent of the time it happens in jagged bursts, going up then down then up again. Even the best of us have experienced that. But just remember; you're still so much bloody further along than the past version of you, so don't feel too down! Personally, I think that overall, you've done pretty damned well! :) Glad to see you're respawning and wish you all the best in the world! Ooh, which 5k programme? I tried couch-to-5k a few years back when I first jumped into running and loved it. 


Your shield-sister,

Stella x

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What matters is that you are trying again instead of just giving up, I am currently on my 3rd restart since I began getting into shape/ loosing weight four years ago, this time around I have been at it since January. Just keep going, if 2 workouts a week works better for you, that's fine. Just do what you can and try to be consistent, but every little bit helps. Something that works for me is to register for an event. (I'm primarily a cyclist, but will work for running). Once I have spent the money, it motivates me to train because if I don't do the event, I loose the money.  

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Thanks :)

@Stellakin you are right, just this damn depression spell that I'm in makes things looks worse than it really is, but that's just the way things goes right now. I'm just taking it day by day with lots of music therapy :P.

I'm doing the zombies run 5k app. I quite like it as it does give yourself a turn to push yourself, or not, with the open section on each of the sessions.

@scatterbunn funny that you would mention entering something. I managed to get an entry in the local big cycle race early next year, it's a about 110km long. The longest I have done before was a 30km mountain bike events, but that's where I tore the ligaments in my ankle, and haven't been on a bike since, except for the gym bikes.

Anyways time to go to bed and then I'll plan for this challenge. I have allready started on some of the things, but I need a proper plan and some goals.

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Work in progress...

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