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1 minute ago, evabo said:

Welllllll, if they're using Jo's table for QTs, it might actually get difficult to get in, assuming it's the same Wilks for everyone!! Uh oh, better up my game.


The suggestion was made of putting the 84+ up to something similar to that last year to be fair across the board and was harshly rebuffed. It will probably go up a little as the 72s needs to go up but I suspect it'll be 360kg-ish rather than 390kg-ish.

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Just a quick recap of the week because I'm back at work and it's still crazy.


Dividends for week 2:

1a) 5 - No bonus points and didn't fully track 2/7 days.

1b) 0 - Stretched after each session

1c) 2 - One long Romwod session done. Ideally, I'd be doing more of this.

2a) 0, Thought this went much better this week. Squats are slowly coming back!

2b) 6, All sessions done, including one in Edinburgh.

3a) 1 - Nordic walking was cancelled this week, but I went for regular walk.

3b) 2 - Two short sessions done instead of one long one.


I'm taking part in a bench press mobility challenge, started today and will run for 21 days. I'm thinking -0.5 for missing a day on that, so this will be included in 1b.

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Dividends for week 3:

1a) 9, Fully tracked, bonus acquired.

1b) -1, Did not stretch Tuesday because I ran out of time. I did do the bench mobility challenge each day and it's been amazing!

1c) 0, No Romwods done... Thinking I might need to unsubscribe if I'm not going to do it regularly anyway.

2a) -1, Weird session on Friday, was only able to get up to 100 and they were all over the place. It was without any gear at all, though, so maybe that was the problem. Improved shoulder mobility is definitely showing, so that's a plus.

2b) 6, Did three sessions but it wasn't ideal. Had to cut Tuesday short because I ran out of time, then felt ill on Thursday so did Friday at the bodybuilding gym near my house ("not ideal" being an understatement), then deadlifts on Saturday. At least stuff got done.

3a) 1, Nordic walking on Tuesday, it's still good fun. Thinking about poles as a reward for the next challenge, really want to get back into trail running.

3b) 1, It got done but was a short session so only giving half the points.


Total for the week: 15, which gets me to 46.5/60 overall.

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A little late, but to wrap up this challenge:


Week 4 dividends:


1a) 9, Fully tracked, bonus acquired.

1b) Stretched after each session and did my bench mobilitiy challenge. Super pleased with it, the pain I had from switching to low bar squat is almost entirely gone. I guess shoulders ARE important!!

1c) 0, No Romwods done... I'm going to cancel my subscription, seems pointless.

2a) 0, Definitely improving on squats. Back up to 120 for reps and while it wasn't exactly comfortable, I had no issues unracking. We've been doing everything beltless as well, and I reckon that's pant of why they still feel hard. The upside is that everything is a beltless PB.

2b) 6, All sessions done, including a rather nasty deadlift workout on Saturday (3x3, then 2 singles, then stiff legged deadlifts and RDLs!! Deadlifts on deadlifts...with a sprinkle of deadlifts.)

3a) 1, Nordic walking got cancelled again but I went for a run instead.

3b) 2, Kettlebell swings and box jumps.


Total for the week: 18, getting me to 64.5 overall. This is better than the 60 I need, so the new singlet is go. Bet I'm not the only one letting out a sigh of relief!


I'm not going to do a challenge next round because I want to reduce my time spent online. Will still be checking in to see how peeps are doing! Onwards & upwards.

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