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The One With Tabula Rasa's Respawn (Sort Of)

Tabula Rasa

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Hello, warriors.
I am a 25 year old woman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Started Crossfit about 8 months ago and fell in love with both the oly/powerlifting bits and the gymnastic stuff. Noticed my progress slowing on both due to lack of upper body strength and decided to run the Starting Strength program for a few months. That was two weeks ago and my current stats/lifts are as follow:

Currents Stats and Lifts On SS
Height: 1,58cm
Weight: 55kgs / 120lbs
BF%: ?

Barbell Squat (5RM): 55kgs / 121lbs
Barbell Deadlift (5RM): 67,5kgs / 149lbs
Dumbell Bench Press (5RM): 24kgs / 53lbs
Barbell Shoulder Press (5RM): 20kgs / 44lbs

Anyway, I am pretty good at being consistent with my workout routines (be it Crossfit, muay thai, SS, whatevs), but I am having some issues sticking to healthy eating habits and by healthy I mean I am having some issues at not eating like an idiot. I gained 3kgs since the beggining of the year and, while some of it is muscle, I have a long term goal of weighting under 52kgs with a lower bf%. 

So yeah, this challenge I will be focusing on my diet and tracking all the things. 



Diet Goals:
- Track all the things on MFP.
- 1800cals/day.
- 110g of protein a day.
- Alcohol only twice/week.
- Only two cheat meals (BURGEEERS AND FRIIIES!) during the challenge.


Fitness Goals:
- Track all of my fitness progress on SS.
- NF Yoga 2x/week.


Other Goals
- Meditate 5x/week for a minimun of 10min.
- Weight myself daily and take the other measurements/pictures weekly.

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20 hours ago, Grymm said:

That's a solid challenge.  Have you read the Starting Strength book?


Hey! Thanks! And I did, yeah. Read it once before starting, but I have been learning more from his videos. He recorded a few vids teaching the proper form/movements for all the major lifts for the Art of Maliness blog and they are VERY good.



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Day 1 - Monday
Diet Goals:

- 1768 cals.
- 123g of protein.
Fitness Goals:
- SS Stuff:

Barbell Squat: 57,5kgs 3x5
Barbell Deadlift: 70kgs 3x5
Dumbell Bench Press: 24kgs 3x5
Barbell Shoulder Press: 22,5kgs (4 reps on the 1st set, 3 on the second and 2 on the 3rd, had to push press the last reps of each set).

- Muay Thai class after.
Other Goals
- 10min of meditation.



Day 2 - Tuesday


Diet Goals:

- 1862 cals.
- 112g of protein.
Fitness Goals:

- Crossfit:

We had to find our 1RM on the Front Squat.Mine was 60kgs (a PR!).

The WOD was: 


200m farmer's walk (32kgs)

10 burpees to pull ups

30 box jumps

- NF Yoga before bed.


- Other Goals

- 10min of meditation.

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