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SnowOwl - Just the Basics

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Today I was so tired I'm not sure how I made it through the morning and I wanted to skip yoga again, but I didn't! I went and I feel so much better now. I have to remember that.


I'm also slowly catching up with your threads, so that feels better too. Now I'm off to a hot bath and then bed. :)

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On ‎20‎.‎10‎.‎2016 at 4:57 AM, SnowOwl said:

Oh! And It's been over 1 year on NF for me! 


Congratulations and Happy Nerdiversary!



I love the mini workout idea! I stopped bringing water bottles to work because of lazyness. So now I have to walk to the teakitchen every hour. Seems to help a lot.

And thanks for the reminder: I missed my anniversary again...

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Well this was not a very successful challenge for me, but I did learn some important things so it was a very helpful challenge.


1. I really, really have to find time for fitness. 


2. I have a very hard time not taking my current interest or primary task and making it all-consuming.


3. I must find some balance so I don't burn out, again.


4. Friends need and deserve attention too, even if I am extremely busy.


Possible future goals:

simple and quick bodyweight - pull-ups, fast-feet, push-ups


cardio - solo dance party maybe? (I need to use my sleep quality as a guide to wether or not i'm getting enough exercise during the day.)

weekly friend time (including NF friends, time limit on when I have to return phone calls by)

setting limits on when I can work (and having back-up plans ready in case I run out of time and still need a lesson for some classes; prioritizing will help with this too)

having a list of non-work things to do every day (very specific things that can be done in short periods of time - art, reading, socializing, dog playtime, fitness, activities with my husband, sewing, baking, cooking, cleaning, etc.)



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Learning counts as leveling up! Good job on this challenge, even though I know you don't feel you did too well. I think the fact that you're venturing on a new life quest takes a lot of courage and I'm sure you'll figure out how to adapt soon! 

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