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Barghest's No Excuses Challenges


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I just happened to join on the very first day of a new challenge, so I'm jumping in! Super enthusiastic to hit the ground running, but I'm going to start with some of the smaller goals suggested for first-time challengers - except for the fitness one.



- Eat a vegetable with one meal each day (1/28)

- Have two days per week 100% on-plan. (Week 1:__; Week 2:__; Week 3:__; Week 4:__)



- Hit every single workout for the next eight weeks of my written program (4/week plus 9/25, for 33 sessions total) (1/33)


Level Up Your Life

- Get in bed no later than 11pm at least two week-nights per week. Reading allowed until 11:20 at the latest. (Week 1:__; Week 2:__; Week 3:__; Week 4:__)


Reward for accomplishing the above: A new tee shirt. Not sure which one yet - maybe a Pokemon gym shirt that I can wear specifically to the gym.

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