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Joyous Battle: The Demons Have Broken Free!

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The In Demonia have broken from their prison and I must hunt them down before they wreak havoc! I am on the trail of the youngest of them, In Temperence. Before I dare face this evil, I must purify mind and body, lest it take possession of my soul.


To prepare, I will meditate for ten minutes per day, at least five days each week, focusing on mindfulness and peace.

I fear that its brother, In Toxication, may show its ugly face, so I will also reduce my alcohol consumption to one drink per day, on average, each week.

Last, to improve my mental and physical focus, I will master the Crow (Kakasana) and hold it for at least 30 seconds by the time I face the beast.

The final battle will be legendary. For the last week of the challenge, I will drive no faster than the speed limit and will smile and wave to everyone who cuts me off every day, all day!


Ok. So, I have never really meditated before, but by focusing on my positive affirmations during the last challenge, I found that I was generally more happy, positive, and even a little more patient than before. I would really like to learn to control my reactions better, especially impatience and anger, so I think this can only help. I could set this up with a graded response, but I think giving myself two days of wiggle room should be more than sufficient to make the goal achievable.


Another goal I have been working on for a couple of months is reducing alcohol consumption. It's expensive and not particularly good for me, especially while trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I really love a glass of wine, a Tanqueray and tonic, or a fine Port. I don't want to become a teetotaler. For the last four weeks, I kept it down to an average of 2 drinks per day each week--on average means that, technically, I could have 17 drinks on Saturday and none the rest of the week, and still meet the goal (17/7=2.43, which rounds to 2). Obviously, that really wouldn't be in the spirit of the challenge, though. For this challenge, I will not only keep it down to 1 per day on average (that means no more than a total of ten drinks in a given week), but no more than four on any given day--that allows for one fine dining experience with a cocktail before dinner, two glasses of wine with, and an after dinner port.


I would also really like to improve my balance and hand/wrist strength--carpal tunnel issues notwithstanding, so I will work on the Crow Pose as much as I can until I can actually hold it for a significant length of time. Right now, I can manage about two seconds.


Finally, other drivers on the road typically drive me nuts. In this area, In Attention is the rule. They sit at traffic lights and when the light turns green, they...sit there... until, at long last, they stop texting and realize that the light has changed. Then there are the nuts who just move from lane to lane on a whim. Oh, yes. This definitely qualifies as a boss battle for me!


I am not yet sure what treasure this monster holds, but I think it may guard an enchanted weapon (maybe a new boken!) or a scroll of mystical knowledge!

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I really love the way that you've phrased your challenge. The In Demonia confused me for a second, then made me laugh :P


Those are some pretty awesome goals! Positive affirmation is really useful, and I hope your meditation goes well. You've got this!

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3 hours ago, IAmInfinite said:

I really love the way that you've phrased your challenge. The In Demonia confused me for a second, then made me laugh :P

Sadly, In Temperance, In Toxication, and In Attention are not alone. I foresee battles against In Gratitude, In Civility, and a host of others.


(Ok, Ok. That's probably enough of that! Lol! :lol:)

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     What is the saying? "There's a cloud with every silver lining?" We finally had some good news on the financial front--our house, which we have been underwater on for years, is actually going to go away and leave us alone without costing us an arm and a leg. It's time for a celebration! I could just relax on the balcony with my wife and enjoy the feeling of freedom.


     "Wait, what is that smell?" I asked. Something feels very wrong here, and smells even worse.


     "It's probably your socks," says the wife. But what is that smear of darkness on the wall behind her? It is In Dolence!


     He almost caught me! "Let's go over to the weight room. We can celebrate when we get back, and we'll feel much better, having worked out a bit."


     It was a pretty good workout with dumbbells and the Smith Machine, and a bit of elliptical thrown in. "So much for that weenie little demon," I thought, smugly.


     "Relax, enjoy, have fun!... It''s only an average of one drink..."


     "Did you say something, dear?"


     "No, I was just going to have a G&T. I'll make you one if you want."


     "No, thanks," I replied with some force. "I'd only be able to have a couple of drinks on the weekend if I have one now."


     "But this is a special occasion. You deserve it... Yesssssssssss..."


     "Well, it IS a special occasion," I thought. "Maybe just one drink. That won't throw me off for the rest of the week. And what is it with her hissing like that? Must be bad allergies."


     One drink later, happy and relaxed, "How about another?"


     "Yes," I thought, "That would be nice," as I took it from his scaly hand.


     "Noooooooooooo!" I hadn't seen In Toxication lurking in the shadows.


     Too late, I drew my sword. He was already gone, the damage done. "You drew first blood," I said to the empty darkness. "But I will finish you."


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