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After a bit of a hiatus, the Slayer is back! I'm a little frustrated because I'd made some great progress, and then I started law school and fell back on some old unhealthy habits I thought I'd slain along the way... Unfortunately, the undead don't like staying dead, so here we are again.



The story goes that I've been staying up way too late, buying way too much food from vending machines between classes, and generally neglecting keeping myself grounded. I've been getting moving a lot because I've been dancing a couple of times a week, but I'd like to be working on getting stronger so, you know, I can actually get better at the dancing. And slaying. 


The goals:


1. Eat four home-cooked meals a week. I usually get lunches on campus (mostly for free), but for four meals a week, lunch or dinner, I need to eat meals I've cooked at home. Baby steps. I'm not counting breakfast. BONUS: avoid paying for unhealthy food.



2. Strength train once a week. I'm already doing yoga once a week, so this'll bring me up to 2. I'm tempted to say twice a week, but I think starting smaller is probably better right now.



3. Go to bed before midnight every night that I'm home that early. Because this 2AM business is a little much.



4. Meditate for 10 minutes every day, ideally in the morning. Slayer needs some mental quiet.



Those are the goals! I'm starting tomorrow since I didn't hop on here until tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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We're Into the second week of the challenge now.  How is it going?  My husband was in law school many years ago and we actually met at the YMCA (he'd workout on his study breaks).  But as we started dating and spending more time together I noticed that he was always taking little breaks during his studying and would usually do some kind of exercise.  Like he'd be so into some reading and the next minute he'd be doing some pull ups or push ups.   He'd take a 2 minute break it seemed like every hour.  If you want to fit in some exercise breaks like that check out darebee.  you could pick a challenge and then spread out the day's workout.  Or the daily dare is usually pretty quick.  I've participated in the daily dare PVP here on NF and have completed the dares in my office, in a skirt.  they really can be done just about anywhere.



You got this!



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