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SpecialSundae and the Quest for 400 Wilks - Part 1


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23 hours ago, SpecialSundae said:

Sick in bed this week.



How are you feeling M'lady?


(Just in case you need a cure...)


UGow36j.gif hROHhcH.gif

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I was feeling a lot better by Friday and went to the circus.


Not great at the back end of a challenge but here's a wee wrap-up.


  1. Do my gorram accessories.
    I was pretty good about this. Skipped sessions only when I was ill or time wouldn't allow it. Not quite allowing myself Boozy Cow (mostly because of the issues with the next part), but generally good!
  2. Track everything and edge my weight lower.
    My weight is not lower. Tracking happened (other than Nerd-Up and when I was ill) but I'm going to drop my calories for the next challenge to try to get myself back to my weight class for Four Nations!
  3. Explore the dark side.
    Finally accepted that I'm not a sumo puller. :( 
  4. Organise stuff for the meet-up.
    This happened successfully. Think I can call this a win!

So basically, I did what I said I would and things went fairly well. I'll give myself a few points and move onto the next challenge.



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