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Casbin: Time for a restart

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Hi there,


I'm Casbin, a 29 year old German.

My overall goals are weightgain and running a10k in below an hour.

Short introduction, done ;)


I'm a bit late but at least I allready logged my work since yesterday.

Well, I honestly fell of the wagon in the last Challenge after more and more troubles in the once before that.

It's about time to do something about it.

With that on my mind I will be trying to leave behind what I did so far and work on addressing things differently.


That being said let's talk about my small steps for this Challenge:



This is theone part that's gonna stay the way it is.

2x Fitnessclass per Week

1x Zombies5k on Sat/Sun


+ a 5 min. walk every day




It's as simple as that, keep track of what you eat and you are done.

No set amount of meals, no counting the coffee intake.



Keep trying out Bullet Journals (this is thanks to a lot of people who talked about it around here, it's working just fine so far)

Get rid of one item of your privat ToDo-List per week


Well, that's it.

It should be simple enough to get myself back into a rythm.


Bye then


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Those are some good goals! You don't have to be worried with doing too little, it just makes it easier and better for your future progress. How far along with Z!Run are you? I'm halfway through S2, currently using it every Saturday as well. 

I like your diet goal! Is it a judgment free zone for this challenge, then to see where you can improve? Or are you going to be making mini adjustments as you go?


Have a great challenge!

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Hi @IAmInfinite,


and thank you!

I know that there is no such thng as too little goals but it still feels weird to do a complete restart, especially knowing how taxing challenges can be (not that I am about to start going easy on me though).


I didn't yet start the actual ZombiesRun-App but got through the first two weeks (they are planning with 3 runs/week) of there C25K.


For the Foodlog, it will probably be somewhere inbetween.

The idea is to get a good grasp on logging it on paper fornow and to start transferring it back into MyFitnesspal later on.

I am hoping that writing it down and seeing what I am eating will lead my subconcious to pick out healthier options on the way. This did happen before and I'd like to use that for my own good, rather then drowning it under the pressure of trying to get a certain amount of calories/meals.

I'm not exactly good with not judging myself but this could pose a chance to work around it; at least in parts.


Allright, about my first week up to now:


I missed Fitnessclass on Tuesday as it was at the same time the handball game of the THW started. -> I should figure out how to adapt tomssing those nights

Will be leaving for todays class as soon as I am done with this post.


Eating or rather the logging went well, the content could be better but I'll be getting there.

5 minute walks happened as well to this point (including a 20 min. walk with the dogs yesterday).

I did get to the library today and sorted things out there -> ToDo's - check


Bullet Journal - is what keeped me from drowning in the last few days. With that and a checklist of all those small things I need to get rid off before we open shop I am starting to get back to feeling like I did managed to get some work done. Progress, I tend to forget about phonecalls, serving customers, helping out collegues etc. and only look at all those things I should have been working on in the workshop. That will change.


Well, that's it for today.


Wish you a pleasant evening


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Is the story also good for C25K? I'm tempted to give it a try along with actual app to add some interval training and hopeful speed up my 5k by going back to basics.

The food log sounds like a really good idea, and I hope that it will motivate you! I would try and then constantly forget or worry about it, and is was too much stress for me, when I could just monitor my shopping habits instead.

And the bullet journal sounds really helpful! Not only does it help remind and prompt work, it also gives a great sense of satisfaction once you've ticked everything off. 

Keep on going strong!

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Time to report back in.

The last few days took some surprising turns but it worked itself out just fine.



There isn't much of a story to the C25K as they are covering the gap between the Intro and your first mission. But they are introducing a lot of Characters while you are slowly building up your capabilities and doing your first runs in the vicinity of Abel.

I had similar problems with logging my food so far, that's why I'm stealing the idea of noting it down on paper from someone around here.

That way it's just note and forget without looking on the caloriecount so far. But I'm glad that watching your shoppinghabits is working for you. It wasn't taking me anywhere.


As I sad Life took some interestin g turns regarding my goals.

One of them was that my father got me a brand new timer, so that I wouldn't have to carry around my notebook all the time :D

I'm currently trying to figure out how to tweak my new journaling habits in a way that it's gonna work with two systems. It's allready showing that I'm not taking the timer with me once I'm off Duty. But it's helping a lot with grouping all kinds of different notes I'm using over the day... I'm probably going to use my notebook to keep track on things while on the run and copy it to the system later on.


Another funny little surprise was a shortnotice visit from my roommates aunt on sunday.

Instead of stuffing in walking the dogs, getting you updated and doing my run and getting back home in time for the 3 NFL games we ended up cleaning the house all over again, walking the dogs, preparing the house,having coffee with them and havin the first game run in the background.

I ended up making some slightly tweaked pizzabuns for me and my roommates for dinner (one with bacon the other one with corn & a pepperbell); turns out that it's working out fine to just put some cheese on top of them if you forgot to add it before rolling it all up :) .


Huh, for some reason there is lot I wanted to share with you about this week and I  hope you don't mind this week was just really feeling like a win somehow.

But let's move on to that part that I really wanted to share with you:


As I didn't get to do my run yesterday I moved it up to today (good thing that it's a holiday around here).

It was my first day of week three and they did blow off the lid this time around.


By the time I started my drills nearly half of my usual course was allready covered and I decided to take the long tour instead which was the perfect choice.

When the last drill was covered I had reached the crossroad where I was supposed to start my free form run in the last few weeks but still had two 8 min. runs ahead of me.

Leading to another turn on my way back to ensure that I would still have enough ground to cover. Missed a couple of turns but I think the tour I had in mind should give me enough room once I'm able to keep up the pace. I had to take a 2 min. walk in the last 8 minutes and cut back the pace a bit.

In the end I had covered 7.45km in 46 Minutes, that's one major victory in my book! My mind keeps working at rationalising it, so I wanted to share this with you as long as I can still ignore it ;) .


Let's some up week 1 at this point:


Fitness, Endurance & Games 1/2

C25K                                       1/1

5 min. walk                               7/7

Foodlog                                   7/7 (2 days had to be reconstructed)

Bulletjournal                             7/7

ToDo's                                      1/1


I hope you keep going strong!




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That's an amazing time! Even running that far is spectacular, and doing it in such a time is a major major victory!


And if the week is feeling like a win, something is definitely going right and yay! :D 


However, I took a look at it, and it needs a set time amount, but I only have 20 min to run in the morning. I'm not quite up for waking up earlier than 6. :P


What kind of timer do you have?

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yes it is still feeling good. I am most definitely looking forward to the next run.

Uhm, yeah I wouldn't do that either... But honestly, you got my highest respect for adding a run in the morning...

Hey, you allready can run a 5k in <20 min. that's quite an achievement on it's own.

I'm sure you'll find a system without the timeframe. I'll go look out for it in a bit ;)


About the Timer, it's a Tempus model in A5 (I hope it is telling you anything, I'm not sure if they export and if you use the same measuring system)

It's practically a horizontal letterpage cut in half with the left side open for notes and a motivational quote (todays would be around "The important things in life can not be bought") and the right side contains the Priority, an apppointment collumn and 4 grouped task sections.

Now that I am getting used to it I really like the Layout and the leatherbinding.


Well, I better get going or I'll be late for fitnessclass.


Wish you a pleasant evening


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3 hours ago, Casbin said:

Hey, you allready can run a 5k in <20 min. that's quite an achievement on it's own.

No, I run a mile and a bit in 20 min, I just see how far I can go in 10 min, and then turn back and do some interval runs until I'm back home. My current 5k run is 33 min, but I'm training in the mornings to try and get it down below 30 min.


We do use the same measuring system, but we call them planners. 


Enjoy fitness!

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Hi again,


it's about time I got back in touch with you. The week has been a bit overloaded and I'd like to catch up.


But before that:


@IAmInfinite ah, sorry I got that wrong... Did you consider running a bit further to make sure you got some gas left when you get into the 5k?

I don't know if that's a good idea, but most likely the way I would try to get there...

And sorry about the whole planner-thing, I should have smelled it but didn't bother to look it up...


And regarding this week it's another success.


I got to fitnessclass both times but went a little easy on the ropejumping to give my chins a bit more time to rest after monday.

Got my walk in every day and did my run earlier today. It's been 7,46km in 44:34 but I'm rather clueless what they mean with the Pace-field...


Logging happened and I only had to reconstruct yesterdays Food.

Journaling worked out fine and I arranged a checkup on my car which in one less item on my ToDo-list.


For some positive things regarding this week:


I tagged along to a friends obstacle run yesterday and it was just great!

She had visitors who did the run with her which led to speaking english most of the day and I actually felt really good about it and surprisingly small qualms and problems to do so :).

The people were a lot of fun and seeing the obstacles and the race itself were great to witness; I really want to try that next year!


And I didn't need to take an additional break in the last freeform run today, so progress.


All in all I'm rather happy with this week.

Instead of weighing me down while the challenge goes on I'm still feeling hyped this time around even though work keeps throwing chaos at me all over again.


Wish you ll a pleasant Sunday


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I think I'm going to work on interval training as an alternate plan - as I simply don't have the willpower to get up early enough in the morning to run 5k+. 

And no worries about the planner thing :P


It sounds like a really productive and amazing week! I really want to do an obstacle race next Spring, 10k mud run. Should be fun, though hard! :D 



Stay strong with work and let's keeping pushing into Week 3!

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Hi again,


it took me a bit longer then I had anticipated but it's time to look back on week 3 :)


Interval training sounds like a good plan! I just couldn't make myself to get out in the cold that early...


And welcome around @Butternut

I had my highs and lows but I'm definitely not about to give up! Can't believe that it's nearly been half a year now...

I tried to keep up with your Challenge here and the but I still suck at it.


Well, I started the week off pretty badly.

Didn't log my food or go for the walks Monday and Tuesday without even realising it, mental notes can be tricky sometimes.

But I got my car to the workshop on Tuesday evening and picked it up by Thursday after a allround check and official checkup (every other year).

Missed Fitnessclass on Tuesday due to the trip but came back in time for Thursday-Class.


By the time I realised that I hadn't written down anything on Wednesday I imidiately changed the fact and got back on track no 30 min. later.


Oh, about my run today.

I did get through the 7.5 km-wall this time around and I really enjoy those runs over and over again.


Well, we are heading right into the final week, let's give it another big effort and we'll be one more step closer to our goals :)




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Thanks, it felt more surprising that I hadn't even realised it.

oh and thanks for that link to the accountability group, I'll definitely tag along next challenge!

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