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Hi, mates!


I just landed here after looking for some fitness/diet information and this looks like a nice support group that could work for me. After some days of just reading now it´s my chance to introduce myself and get involved.


I´m 26 years old and I live in the UK. I´ve been struggling with a lot of anxiety all my life, and just when I thought I got over it, it's striking again stronger than ever. In the past I´ve found it really useful to excercise in order to find the piece of mind that I needed, but it´s been a while since I´ve done some physical activity besides the odd times I´ve done some hiking exploring the amazing countryside this country has to offer. I think I have an average body, a little underweight right now, so my purpose is not to lose weight but to gain some muscle and I hope that some physical activiy might help me with the rest of my personal problems. My main goals here are:


1) Get my ass out of the couch: I´m currently starting with Couch To 5k programme, and I´m doing well, yay!. My goal is to be able to run 5K three times a week. Maybe I´ll join a gym if my economy helps.


2) Eat healthier: I'm a sugar junkie, I can´t help it. And this country has MORE and CHEAPER sweets and chocolates than my native country has. It´s getting impossible to avoid the long chocolates aisle at the store without buying something. I want to cut chocolates -maybe I´ll treat myself with something once a week. Besides that, the days I´m not eating chocolates I´m skipping a lot of meals because I´m just not in the mood for eating. I´m aware this way of eating can affect my mood as much as not excersicing, so I want to change it.


3) Feel better in general: I have to addmit it, I´m on the verge of needing professional help. I try to convince myself I´m OK but I have huge anxiety and social problems right now. I work part-time and therefore have a lot of free time and I can´t stop my brain from over-thinking every single detail of my life. I´m numbing myself with activities like binge-watching Netflix or spending hours in 9 gag. My partner thinks I might have some REAL anxiety problems and wants me to seek professional help but I´m kind of a lone wolf sometimes and it´s really hard for me to ask for help. So, as I know goals 1&2 have worked in the past to boost my self-steem and help with anxiety, I´m going to give it a shot. If I don´t overcome my anxiety and depression in three months after starting goals 1 and 2, I´m going to change the approach and go to a doctor (funny thing, my partner is a psyhologist -not a clinical one, tho- and I kinda fear them).


4) Learn-do more things: I´ve always taken pride in my curiosity that made me spend hours reading and learning about something until I found something else that grabbed my attention -I guess I tend to obsess. The thing is, I have a lot of free time now and, as I said, I´m wasting it in passive activities that empty my brain. I haven´t been able to finish a book in a year (not that I don´t try), and now I don´t use YouTube for useful tutorials or documentaries but for junk vlogs that nobody cares about. My goals here are basically getting in touch with my old self, and that will involve some reading, some learning -English, basically, and probably some history/philosophy-, and some meditation.


5) Social life: I made some friends while living here but they´re all moving to different places, I´m THAT unlucky. Besides that, I´m in a 'don´t need anyone, everybody makes me anxious' fase and that makes it more difficult. I don´t feel lonely, I´m this kind of introvert that enjoys being alone, but the more I avoid a social life the more difficult is going to be in the future. I have to get out of the house more and try to meet new people.

I´m still a bit lost here, I don´t know which class I belong or anything but I´m going to try to learn more and ask if necessary, you seem all really nice and helpful.


Sorry for my long post, I wanted to write a short presentation but I guess I needed this, now I´m more aware of what I need.



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Welcome aboard, glad to have you here.


As for classes, everyone starts as a Rebel (and many people stay there).  The other classes/guilds are just ways of grouping people by their primary fitness interest.


Please feel free to ask about anything you need help with, as you already noticed we are a very nice and helpful group.  If one of us doesn't know the answer we probably do know who to shout out for to find it.

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This is awesome! Congrats on having the strength to get this out there and sort out the things you need to work on.  I have anxiety issues as well - asking for professional help is definitely not something to be afraid of - even though it can really be SO SCARY!  You may find that 1 & 2 (and maybe some form of meditation) can really do you wonders though, it certainly has for me.


You're just arriving at the beginning of one of our 4 week challenges! If you want an outlet with a bit more support and structure on your goals feel free to post one over there with your goals on it.  If you any questions at all please reach out to me via PM (or on this thread).


Welcome to the Rebellion!!

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On 10/10/2016 at 1:25 AM, Mahalak said:

How goes the challenge, Lady Godgifu?

Uhh, sorry I haven't seen this before. I just finished my first challenge today successfully (check old challenges 1 on my signature). I'm quite happy, feeling much better although I still struggle some days with my anxiety, but this is definitely helping a lot. I have a new challenge, but I guess you already know because I've seen you commenting it. :P See you around!

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