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Here I find myself biding my time.  The end of my last adventure found me with a minor back injury caused mostly by obstinance. I sat out this week's volleyball game to give it time to mend instead of playing like a did last week and waking up in agony Tuesday.  It's mostly better, but connective tissue strains tend to linger a bit.  I need to lay out a plan to get back on track.


  • If we're not bulking, we're cutting.  Get back to tracking food daily.  I do pretty well with this, but I stopped over the last week.  For a couple days, I wasn't going to stand and cook or stand and go food shopping.  Even so, I've dropped back down to 273.4#.  Drop the calories down under 3000.  I'm probably going to consistently hit 2500-2700.  Keep the protein and fiber up (280+, 40+).


  • Drink the water.  I find that life is better when I am very hydrated vs only drinking when I'm thirsty.  3qts of water at work a day should do it in addition to my normal drinking habits.


  • Rehab:

Phase 1:

Daily activity - 30 minutes.  I've been alternating bodyweight squats, stretching, and mobility work with walks around the lake.   

Phase 2:

Daily activity alternating the above with limited light lifting (deadlifts, bench, row).  NO SQUATS WITH A BARBELL!!! *sadface*  I'm going to avoid press as well.

Phase 3:

Go see a coach to get my squat back in line.  After this check point, the adventure could branch off in several directions.



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alright! FIRST! And I didn't loose my spot :D 

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Quick update:

Sunday: Went for a walk but ate garbage.  Did mobility/stretching work.  Weighed in around 276#.

Monday:  Diet was 2480/285/48 Cal/Prot/Fib but with some Swiss chocolate at work that I didn't track - still under 3000.  Water was good.  Did mobility work.

Tuesday:  Diet was 2614/272/50 Cal/Prot/Fib again with secret Swiss chocolate (don't tell anyone!).  Morning weight was 273.4#.  Water was good.  Went for a walk.

Wednesday is off to a good start.  273.0# this morning.  Work is out of chocolate.  On pace for 2962/293/44 Cal/Prot/Fib.  It's pretty easy to hit your targets when the only meal that changes every day is lunch (and even then, lunch is 75% the same).  I'd like to get another walk and more mobility, but the weather might not cooperate so mobility/stretching at a minimum. 


Note to self - need to order more whey.  What flavor though?  Hmmm.  These are important decisions.

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Went for milk chocolate.  The cookies and cream was surprisingly rated lower as a flavor though I think I had read it was good before.  I figured minimal risk taking for something I'll be ingesting almost every day for two months.  I also ordered some quest bars because I felt like it.  Cut a pint of skim milk out so came in more around 2800 cal.  Did a walk though it was dreary.  Invented a new hip capsule stretch which may prove helpful even if very uncomfortable.

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Just now, Broba Fett said:

Will your rehab involve singing in the rain?

On second thought, scratch that reference.  Substitute something less rapey. My bad.

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42 minutes ago, Blueberries said:

What are you rehabbing? Is that the back injury you mentioned?

Immediately, I'm rehabbing my back.  Overall, I'd say I'm rehabbing a lifestyle of sitting in a chair 80 hours a week for 10+ years.  I've been actively playing sports for the last 5 years, but did not incorporate a lot of mobility/stretching work.  That probably contributed to a few injuries I had (poor muscle tissue quality).  I'd go to the gym and exercise, but, again, no mobility work to counteract the sitting.  I come from fairly inflexible stock.  I sit for a living.  On top of that, my posture is structurally poor so that's contributed some to my joints trying to compensate.  My back injury is a fairly minor ligament strain, but it was caused by trying to prevent my hips from rolling during squats (rather than by fatigue or weight).  At that stage, it was minor (I also stretched a lot of the sacral region of the spine/hips but that just felt weird for a few days).  I think went an played volleyball with it and inflamed everything.  Any time something in that region swells, it causes a lot of pain so that was bad.  I really only feel a small spot about the size of a nickel at the moment. 


52 minutes ago, Broba Fett said:

Will your rehab involve singing in the rain?

For the benefit of all mankind, I do not sing regardless of weather conditions.  I had come up with another title (the titles amuse me), but forgot it while finishing my walk around the lake.  I also do not own any large, phallic, porcelain statues.  Christmas maybe?


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I didn't watch this movie until I was an adult (like 19 I think?) because you know, it's not really kid friendly.

But I was so curious why the main character looked familiar. After extensive research 5 minutes on IMdb I discovered it was Mr. Linderman from Heroes.

And that's how I developed a creepy ass crush on an old man, giving Buzz Aldrin a run for his money.

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**Warning! This is a lot of text for a pretty simple stretch.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.**


Ok, a while back I learned a hip capsule stretch where you lay on the floor with your butt  towards a wall.  You put your feet on the wall, hips and knees at right angles.  Now spread your knees apart but keep your toes pointed upward (instead of following your femurs as you would on a squat).  Once you are stretching a bit, sit there for a couple minutes.  This stretch was ok, but it's tough to do more than a light stretch as the wall doesn't move and laying on ground, you aren't going to be able to reposition actively.  I didn't get much out of this.


Later, I learned that you can greatly improve your thoracic mobility through twisting rather than trying to heavily extend.  It makes sense as muscles are linear and transverse displacement is going to lead to elongation.


I also at one time read up on horizontal squats.  You basically get on your hands and knees, fix your back, and use your arms to push your hips back.  You can use this to check your hip mobility for squats without a lot of tension in the muscles.  I have really inflexible ankles, so I find any kind of kneeling uncomfortable, so I did this movement on my bed with my feet hanging off.  This opens the knee angle a little, but that should help you sit back a little further.  You'd just need to keep in mind that "parallel" needs to be a little further back to correct for that.


However, when I do this mimicking my squat stance, my feet angle together.  Also, when I do squats, my knees will surge out a little at the bottom.  I actually don't understand how people can have their knees cave in.  For me, it seems physically impossible.  I can't get my knees in even intentionally.


Anyway, I tried straightening my shins out, but it's very hard to do.  So, instead, I set up with my feet on either side of the corner of the bed.  The further into the bed I move, the farther apart the corner holds my feet.  Doing the horizontal squat in this position stretches my hip capsules a lot.  Actually, it's quite a bit uncomfortable as it hits a lot of small muscles you wouldn't even know exist.  However, after do this, hamstring stretches, spidermans (also a great stretch for squat depth for me), and groin stretches, I added about 2 inches to my bodyweight squat depth.


Just to tie in the reference to the thoracic stretch, this stretch works because it twists the hip joint rather than some of the other stretches which try to pull on one side or the other. 

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Two extra inches to your body squat is pretty impressive.

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