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9 hours ago, Akari said:

Better start and fail, than to never start. :)

Couldn't have said it better


Congrats on making it back to the Rebellion, and trying again. We'll be here to support you on your journey back. :)

The pole dancing sounds really fun. Maybe you can spend time on that on the weekends instead of standing at work?


All the strength and power to you this challenge!

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On 9/30/2016 at 7:16 AM, Zula said:

Doing pole in the weekend is a good idea. :) I can take one leg day and one upper body day.


Yesterday was my partners birthday.

I didn't drink enough water, I ate sugar, I didn't do yoga and I smoked. BUT I cleaned and cleared away a lot of mess around the apartment. I made Guinness cake and dinner with bearnaise sauce from scratch, picked berries from the garden, entertained our guests and began knitting a pillowcase. So pat on the back for that. :)


That sounds like a good plan. I've always really admired the amount of strength needed for pole dancing, and making it look so graceful. 


And congratulations on that cake, it sounds really good!

Image result for drool gif



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Food is always a massive issue, though that grouse stew does sound really good. 

Bodyweight month does look really exciting! Hope you and your partner manage to fare well with that! 


Yoga is something that can either be really effective or completely ineffective. Perhaps try out different styles or days? I know that when I did a session with an instructor I felt like I actually went through a workout, but when I do it at home it tends to be more relaxing.


Try and find a plan as to when you will do your workout, and then make a promise to yourself to do it then. Or find some accountability to force yourself to do it then. Or reward yourself when you complete it. Create a specific plan, of what where and how, and it shall be easier to complete.


All the best for week 3, and I hope your working out and your diet are successful! 

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