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HELP pretty please :)


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Hi folks, 


im making a big effort to get in shape and eat better and I'm putting together a meal plan etc, my aim is to do my resistance training 3 days a week before work at the gym, so I'll be there at half 6 in the morning. I'm just looking for a bit of advice as to how I should eat around this in regards to should I have a decent breakfast before the gym then maybe a protein shake when I get work? Or a protein shake before the gym and something more substantial and carb refuelling at work? Or train on a empty stomach? 


Any hints, tips or advice will be greatly appreciated :) 



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I would say to try each one and see what works for you. I can't train fasted because I will pass out.

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How much to eat, and what you eat, before a workout largely comes down to how much time you have before the workout, the intensity of your workout, and your individual tolerances. There's going to be a little trial and error involved too.


Generally, you want to wait an hour or two after a full/regular meal before working out. Half an hour if you eat a light snack that is easily digested (not too high in fiber). Depending on your tolerances, you may not need to wait as long. And you'll want to make sure you're properly hydrated. 


The higher the workout intensity, the more important it becomes to eat properly beforehand. But at the same time, you may need to wait longer after eating before exercising. 


Personally, I do most of my workouts fasted (and at home), and then I make a normal breakfast. If I go to the playground to work on pulling exercises I'll eat some toast or a banana a few minutes before leaving home (the playground is a 20 minute walk away), or a Greek yogurt if I'm really hungry. And then I'll eat a nice brunch when I get back (I only have time to go there on days off or if I work in the evening). If I go jogging, I have to be really careful, otherwise I'll just feel sick to my stomach. One piece of fruit about 20 minutes before is all I can really tolerate. And my body will reject all food for about half an hour after the jog.


I think it doesn't matter too much what you eat after a workout, as long as it has a decent amount of carbs, and at least a little protein. 


I've never heard of 30g of protein, 30 mins after waking up. But it kind of (to me at least) sounds like a ploy to sell more protein powder/bars/drinks. Just make sure to eat enough protein throughout the day and you're good. 

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30 grams of protein is a crapload.  (Possibly literally.)  Of course it depends on your size and personal needs, but I wouldn't try that right after you get out of bed unless you've spent a few months adjusting your macros, doing serious muscle-tearing workouts, and you've concluded that you actually need it.


some people get great results training fasted.  Some people need to eat or they fall on the floor.  Some people will barf if they eat right before their workout.  Some people will barf if they eat right after their workout.  You'll figure out which kind you are by trial and error.  


It's pretty common to eat a light carb snack before a workout, and protein+carbs after.  I do this and it works for me.  Don't eat during your workouts.  That's for very long and intense workouts which a beginner should not be doing.

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30g of protein in the morning really isn't that much.  That's a few eggs.  I have several times that down within a few hours of getting up.

As for the original post: I'm going to repeat everything that's been said here numerous times: It's going to come down to what works best for you.

I've found that I get different types of workouts depending on what/when I eat.  If I'm going to be doing a lot of plyometrics, cardio conditioning, etc..I tend to eat far far less and nothing heavy within 2-3 hours of my workout..simply because I don't enjoy how it jostles around in my stomach.

If however I'm doing more heavy lifting, more resting between sets, etc..I'll eat much bigger meals and try to get most of my calories for the day in before my workout (to be fair, I'm a mid afternoon lifter..this probably wouldn't work for an early morning person) which fuels me better and lets me get more reps in on my final sets.

I'd say definitely play around with things.  Maybe try a little protein and carbs before to start out..see how you feel with a light meal.  Post workout: carbs, carbs, protein, carbs.  Carbs not only help with recovery/muscle growth, but they'll help keep you from feeling sluggish at work.  I don't care what anyone says, carbs aren't going to screw you up or ruin your goals so long as you exercise (heh) balance and moderation.

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I used to do fasted workouts. for 45 minute cycle classes with a few 'breaks' and HIIT training it worked pretty well. When I started lifting afterwards I did about 100 cals or so in cashews or 1/2 protein bar with carbs. That worked well too. 


Only eat during or between workouts as Raincloak said if you are doing LONG hours of intense exercise. I don't take gels for my long runs under 15 miles and only eat heavy 'snacks' during races that are 10 miles + (OCRs so there's a lot of cross training elements in those). If you don't get dizzy and your goal is weightloss fasted workouts may be for you. If your goal is performance then try to put some fuel in the tank before you hit your workouts. Eating for aesthetics and performance are two different things. 

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I'd go with a protein shake first thing (maybe with a banana thrown in if you can blend it in if you need the extra energy), then have a high carb, low fat breakfast after. Then just eat normally for the rest of the day (up the fat after your post-workout meal).


Reasons for this suggestion are: a whey shake is quick and easy to digest and isn't too 'challenging' early in the am and will provide a bit of energy. After your workout, for rapid and maximal glycogen replenishment, you don't want fat in there to slow down glucose absorption. Now's the time to focus on carbs, some protein, and keep fat low.

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