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Being Honest About Our Bodies

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Who here, when they look in the mirror just have a distaste, or hate for their body?


Thsfarther and farther I get out of shape, the more I hate my body. Now, I'm not going to get surgery to alter it, that's not the point. When I look it the mirror I just get disgusted. 


For those that have gone from fat to fit, and didn't like or even hated their body, how do you feel now? And for those that lost a bunch of weight and are in shape, do you still think and/or identify as the "fat guy/girl"?

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I definitely relate to this. It's pretty much what led to me having an eating disorder. I looked in the mirror, and never like what I saw, and thought it would be better if I was smaller. But it was never small enough. I still suffer from this everyday. For years, I've only warn stuff like baggy hoodies and jeans to hide my body, because I didn't like it. It's something within yourself that you need to work through I guess. It's definitely not an easy mindset to break or recover from. All we can do is support each other, and realize that there is something within yourself that is working against you, and that doesn't define you. You may be fat, yeah, but that doesn't make you the "fat guy/girl" You're so much more than that


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16 hours ago, Destructo said:


For those that have gone from fat to fit, and didn't like or even hated their body, how do you feel now? And for those that lost a bunch of weight and are in shape, do you still think and/or identify as the "fat guy/girl"?


Former Fat Guy Syndrome exists and is totally a thing.  I lost about 50 pounds, and a lot of days I still can't help but feel fat, even if I am most definitely not.  It's a body image acceptance issue, not a fitness issue.  And I'm STILL working on it, 3 years in.  And it's also tied to how I eat and my view on food.


The mind lags so far behind the body it's kind of ridiculous.

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Oh yeah! I spent most of my life being disgusted by what I saw in the mirror, and for the worst thing...? I wasn't even particularly overweight. :(


After a road accident my weight ballooned and I ended up actually being obese (by BMI standards). I finally did something about it and after a few false starts I lost over 40lbs and had the best figure I've ever had but it took a while for my mental self-image to catch up with the physical reality. I still thought I was bigger than I really was.


Now I've put a lot of fat back on (because of health problems) and I'm probably heavier that I was some of those times when I felt fat and disgusting, but I've kinda made peace with my body and I actually like my body for a change.


I know that I have flabby bits but that's ok. Maybe it's because I know that I *will* change (not just talking physical appearance here but diet and fitness too) that I'm ok with it. It feels more like I'm a Badass, Weightlifting, Healthy Eating, Mo-Fo who is just "on a break" rather than feeling like this moment defines me, y'know?


I think that at some point you start to really feel healthy, and I think that's the point when your brain stops thinking in "fat mode".

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Looking back, I realised I was unhappier with my weight at 80kg than I am now at 105kg. The only difference now is that my focus has shifted from my weight to my lifting. I would still like to drop a bit of weight but it's not my focus anymore. I'm not sure how that happened but I'm glad it did.

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