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Leslie vs Sweetums Factory

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Hello friends! 


I am not dead! 

Just been a busy bee while simultaneously being a sloth to cope with some emotional stuff. 

So I'm late, but not without gumption to make this challenge a great one! 


My inner television character is Leslie Knope, from the best television show ever Parks and Rec. In the show, there's this mondo rich and evil company called Sweetums that manufactures (you guessed it) candy and other diabetes-causing nom-noms. Throughout the show, there are several efforts to thwart this evil establishment of sugar and this challenge I am pursuing something similar!


Primarily, the challenge this round is focused on slaying the sugar dragon! 

I've been building up some good habits with diet and exercise, but the thing that still gets me is sweets! Glorious sweets! The terrors of afternoon snacking and social events. 

I've tried quitting cold turkey and wowza, that was a bad idea for me. I had anxiety attacks, headaches, mood swings, etc.. I was a nightmare to be around. So I'm going to take it in levels! Each level may last 1 to 2 weeks, but hopefully after 2 weeks the symptoms (listed above) will be manageable enough to progress to the next level.


Level 1: 1 sweet a day 

Level 2: 1 sweet every other day

Level 3: 1 sweet twice a week

Level 4: 1 sweet once a week


Through this process there are three concepts I'm going to focus on:

Patience with my body and how it decides to handle the withdrawals. It might take me longer than one challenge to complete this, and that's okay!

NOT being a drama queen about it.

Coming to terms with the shame and guilt I have attached to sugar and sweets.


Minor focuses:

Get 8 hours of sleep.

I always make better decisions and feel better when I make myself sleep 8 hours. 

Log onto NF daily!

~15 minutes a day should be easy to squeeze in. I just need to make it a habit. You all are huge inspirations to me and I love love LOVE reading your posts. They help me stay centered. 

Use my stupid BuJo!

It helps me keep track of life and this is another thing I just need to make a habit.

Blog once a week.

This is a sort of experiment to see if it's something I want to actually pursue and work at. 


Some habits I'm keeping:

Meal prepping (I've been making mason jar salads, stocking up on high protein snacks, planning healthy dinners for my husband and I)

Working out regularly! (modified yoga once a week, cardio and strength training 2x a week)

Drinking a whole lotta water

Reading scriptures and prayers in the morning 


In closing, for your pleasure, a drunk Ron Swanson indicative of what I'm like when I've had too much sugar.






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Hej durfette,


welcome back to another Challenge!

Getting rid of sugar can be tough but you will get it done. Looks like you got a solid plan in place!


How was the additional workout with your friend going for you?

Knowing that there is someone else expecting me to show up and have a little chat afterwards was helping me a lot lately.


Wishing you the most possible success


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I looooove Parks and Rec and I am trying to slay the sugar dragon in my challenge too (I loved the expression), so I am going to follow your challenge. I can only wish you good luck. Sugar is a drug, no matter what they say, and I am an addict too and I know how hard it is to quit.

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