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Hi there my lovely NF artists,


We don't have a LOFT yet and I was suddenly reminded that it was already Oktober and I hadn't done any sketches in ink. But I think Inktober isn't the right thing for me anyway. I'm just not consistent enough to draw something every day and also a little too busy. But I would like to do a little challenge with you, that would make me be more artsy then last month. So here is my proposal:


Let's try to post 31 pieces of art, that were finished this Oktober.


I don't mind, what materials you want to use. In the spirit of the Loft it can be crafts, drawings, paintings, sculpting, traditional and digital art - And of course anything artsy I couldn't think of at the moment. Just have some fun and challenge yourself to do a little more art then last month. If you haven't done any art for months, but want to get back into the creative prozess, you're right here.


I'm going to mark this post for the guys and gals, who have been hanging around the Loft:

@erosan, @BlackTezca, @Starpuck, @UnquietBones, @MrsFeanor, @Neeko, @Kelliestrasza, @StarRuby, @Pyrorazor


If you know anybody else, who could be intrested, just give them a call. It's already the 3rd of Oktober, so the challenge already started. And I wasn't sure, if I should have posted it in the PVP forum, because it's more co-op.

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9 hours ago, Rosie's Riveter said:

I really like this idea. I'm nervous to commit to something so grand. I'm not much of an artist but could certainly use the practice. I'm down to give this challenge a try :) 

I felt the same way. "big" daily challenges just intimidate me and then I never start or just stop in the middle. I'm glad you like the idea.


In fact I'm happy to have you all here =)

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On 10/3/2016 at 10:02 PM, Luciana Valerosa Culming said:

Very nice. The proportions are a little unnatural, but that just makes it look more ghostly.


Hehe I wanted him to look a bit unnatural and pretty much just use brush splatters to form his shape.  An experiment.

I have number 2 ready to go:


This one was pretty tough to do in a short amount of time (I think about an hour and a half for this) and I experimented a lot.  But I had a ton of fun with her eyes and doing that 'Vogue'/Utena look in this art.

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Number 3 is done and is a Companion to Wrath, though I think I'll go ahead and do similar images for the remaining sins (This one is LustSloth, Gluttony, PrideEnvy, and Greed).  Anywho, check out Lust!


Another very fun one!  Love how the hair came out!  And the eyes were a ton of fun :)

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15 hours ago, Pyrorazor said:

Wow I'm super late to this game on the account of me having to use a public computer for awhile, but I'll definitely jump in with a few drawings. Midterms are coming up so I'm a little busy with studying. However there is no time like the present :D


Indeed!  Nothing like the present and I am interested in see what beautiful arts people add here :D


Pride is complete!


One more sin to go!

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5 hours ago, Luciana Valerosa Culming said:



So here my first aquarell for Oktober. I really like how it turned out. Drew the card for a friend last week.


That's awesome!  Love the shading here and the very clean, barely visible lines!  Awesome!


The final sin, Greed, seems to approve, maybe:

Inktober 8: Greed by artisticallystrange


He's a curmudgeon

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