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Last challenge: I lost about 4 pounds, finished recovering from an issue that put me in the hospital in July, and fitness wise worked my way back up to where I was at the beginning of July. I also had a car accident with no injuries during that last challenge that totaled my car. It's been a stressful summer, and I'm hoping that will be 100% behind me by next week (I thought it was, but now I'm getting  bills that should have been covered by insurance). So I've been very, very stressed over bills, insurance, and events. I want that to all stop.


The single biggest accomplishment of last challenge was running a 5k. I did it in a little over 38 minutes with a mix of walking and running, but mostly running. That was on 4 weeks of run practice. I'm now on week 7 of Zombies Run 5K, so I'm looking for another race, which I want to run 100% of.


This challenge:


1) Diet: I've lost 18 pounds so far since the end of June, with 20 or 30 to go. I'm 5 pounds away from a non-overweight BMI, which is my first major milestone. I've also been at this weight now for 2 weeks, and I only had PMS for one of those weeks, so I need to get more consistent about eating at a deficit.

    - Write down what I eat.
    - Eat at a deficit.
    - Bonus: write down my meals for the day in the morning, and stick to them.


2) Exercise: I'm continuing with two kettlebell strength and conditioning  classes a week, which I've been doing since February (except in July/August when I was recovering from a medical problem).

    - 2x a week: Strength and conditioning classes.
    - 2x-3x a week: Zombies Run 5K! (I'm on week 7)
    - Find another 5K to run after I finish Zombies Run 5k, and run the full distance. Bonus: Beat a time of 36 minutes.
3) Career: I've been unhappy with my job lately, and the person who I shared a lot of workload with just left. I need a change. The possibilities are: new job, grad school for a slight shift in career focus, or get a promotion at my current job.

    - Set up a daily job search task (update linked in, search for jobs, apply for jobs, reach out to contacts). I'll be posting these here.
    - Ask about a promotion.
    - Find 3-5 ecology programs to apply for. The question here is do I want to stay in New England, or move someplace warmer. From past experience, shorter winters lead to less depression, but I don't get to see my family as often. It's a serious tradeoff.





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Current Challenge




Past Challenges:

Jan 2016, Feb 2016, March 2016April 2016, May 2016June/July2016, July/August 2016, Sept/Oct 2016, Nov 2016, May 2017



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I like your plan!  Are you jumping into the challenge now or have you been at it along but just posted recently?  Either way, the home stretch is next week and it's a great time to see where things are at to make a plan moving forward.

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