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Squat Form Check

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I'm not a coach, but I would take slow the descent down.  Are these high bar squats (sitting on the traps)? For high bar squats, the first rep looks really good.  Back stays mostly set, knees track forward.  I'd say your legs are fairly long.  You knees are in front of your shoulders but your back isn't super vertical.  I'm more of a long torso, short leg person (at least relatively). I'm


On rep 3, your hips come up before your shoulders.  I think some of this is losing tightness on the descent.  How's your weight distribution?  I can see your heels twitch up a little on the ascent.  If your hips rise a little and your shoulders don't, that pushes your shoulders forward with a more horizontal back.  The bar will move forward a bit.  This is a sign that you either are not staying back on midfoot or you are weak in the posterior and shifting the load to the quads.  Also, as the set goes on, the depth decreases.  You probably want a consistent depth.  The first rep is plenty deep. The last rep is still parallel.  Maybe actually don't go as deep initially.  It could go either way. 


I would say watch your first rep and try to replicate that.  Slow the descent down to keep full balance and control.  Keep the weight back on midfoot with the heels solid in contact with the ground.  Drive up from the heels, prying the bar from the floor.  As someone with long legs relative to torso, your knees will track forward over your toes.  That's fine.  Your back angle and hips look good.


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