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Front Squats

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Although I have done maybe 10-15 front squats before this, for all intents and purposes, these are my first, actually, these are my 11th to 15th today.


Video on YouTube


I don't know how to post it directly here so I'm using the link instead.



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I think your front squats look pretty good.  One thing I would note is the bar looks to be moving forward at the bottom.  Looking at your feet (they are only partially visible), your heels are staying planted.  Are you wearing lifting shoes on top of having your heels on a plate?  In a perfect front squat, I think your back angle would be more vertical.  To do this and still balance, you'd either need to drive your knees farther forward and try to drop your butt between your heels or maybe turn your feet out a little more.  This will track your knees further out and artificially shorten your femurs in the front back plane.  With your heels on a single plate, your options for foot placement might be limited.  Two smaller plates can be used so that you can play with foot position.  Going forward with just the bar works, but as it gets heavier it'll pull you forward.  


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I'd suggest a bit wider stance as well. Drive your elbows forward and up at the bottom

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