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My biggest obstacle: masturbation

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Well I'm just going to come out and say it, because I bet others are dealing with this too. My biggest obstacle to levelling up and staying on a fitness plan is masturbation. I know it sounds like an awful excuse, but it's something I struggle with. Often in the morning, instead of getting right out of bed and doing my morning routine, I'll be lulled into snoozing and jerking off instead. Ugh, I sound so lame saying this. But does anyone else have this problem?

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I'm going to ignore your actual question, because I'm not sure answering it would help either of us improve ourselves.


But I will discuss the concept in general a bit.  Not everyone wants to pop out of bed and work out first thing in the morning; I sure don't.  I often don't work out until after I've been awake for hours; sometimes I end my day with a workout.  People can take time to daydream, laze in bed, or even spend romantic hours with the partner of their choice (you for all I know are the partner of your choice), even early morning hours; and achieve their fitness goals as well.


It's all part of a potentially, or actually, awesome life.


If you'd like to spend your initial first wake up time doing something other than leaping out of bed and charging into a workout... can you schedule your workouts for another time of day?  If not... can you go to bed a bit earlier, set an alarm a bit earlier, and dedicate some time to yourself before you then get up and get started on your goals?


Finally, and especially if you have enough self control or actually like the idea... consider how well you follow your workout on a specific day to determine how long and even if you get some of that sort of time to yourself the next morning.  Yep, that's right, you can treat that like any other sort of reward you want, and require yourself to earn it or go without - if you have that sort of self control.  Since this is something important to you, you may find it actually -really- motivates you to get that workout done.


Good luck.  Welcome back to the forums.  Hope you keep working to achieve your goals.

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I seem to remember a support group on here for guys who felt that porn and masturbation were an issue. It's not quite the same thing, I know, but if you are finding that masturbation is getting between you and your goals then you might find some useful advice. You might want to look in the accountabili-buddies section, or have a search online.


It's a fairly common thing nowadays, there's just such a wealth of pornography available to young men and it can cause them real problems if they become over exposed to it. As with anything the more exposure you have to something the less shocking you find it and they start to need more and more explicit/graphic/extreme imagery. It can lead to them having difficulty in relationships because the aren't aroused by the thought of normal, vaginal intercourse. 


Sorry, that's a bit off topic but it's something that affects a lot of young men and I think we, as a society, need to recognise it and start having conversations about it so that it's out in the open.


Plus, I got to say "vaginal intercourse" and no one can tell me off for being childish :D 

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14 hours ago, Guzzi said:

Sorry, that's a bit off topic but it's something that affects a lot of young men and I think we, as a society, need to recognise it and start having conversations about it so that it's out in the open



I'll second what Guzzi has said and will add my two cents.  There is a growing body of research, literature, and social awareness around the impact of porn and/or masturbation addiction.  In that same vein, there is a pretty large community dedicated to keeping people trying to overcome that kind of addiction accountable.  You may want to check out the app R|tribe if you find yourself in that category.




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I’ve overused saturation in the past. 

2things that seemed to help: (a) only allowing myself to masturbate if I had “earned the right” that day, which for me meant going to the gym but you can do something else and (b) realizing I was using masturbation to control eithe anxiety or boredom, and the looking for other strategies to cope with those feelings.


i hope this helps, I do think this is a serious topic for us to discuss in the context of leveling up and I’m glad to see this post here.

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