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Full body vs split

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Hi folks,

I have been doing 3 full body bodyweight workouts at my gym in the morning before I go work, if I get there as the gym opens I have about an hour before I have to leave to get work on time. It is sometimes difficult to complete everything I would like to in this time as well as including a decent warmup and stretch at the end.


Would a split routine be more beneficial like maybe do pulling/legs on Monday and Pulling/core on Tuesday and repeat this on Thursday and Friday? Or are full body workouts more beneficial especially for someone just getting back into training?


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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If you work out alternating body parts ie legs Monday, then Tuesday ido arms it is easier on your body. Doing pulling two days in a row is hard on your tendons especially.  A schedule like Monday leg, pulling, Tuesday core  repeat Thursday and Friday would be preferably. You can listen to your body though. Try doing that schedule, and say how it feels. If you have excessive DOMS or tendon pain, give yourself a day to recover for each body part.

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