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Shibara: Watching my food


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I know the current challenge is already half done, but I don't want to wait for the next one. Instead I want to focus on three food-related habits:


- eat 1800 kcal a day (which can be hard, depending on the day), max 2000 kcal

- eat no sugar (that's really difficult, I just love sweets, and when I'm stressed, I easily fall into the candy jar of my colleague at the end of a long working day); artificial and natural sweeteners are okay, as little as possible, as is, for now, fruit

- eat no dairy (that's not so hard, I manage most of the days, I just don't pay that much attention to the snuck-in dairy in general/sweet food)


In addition, I'm doing 45 mins of aqua gymnastics every Friday, and I walk during my lunch break (Mon - Thur, I don't do a break on Friday, instead I head home early), approx. 35 mins. I also try to walk in the evenings, which is getting harder and harder, as its getting dark at around 7 pm by now. I'll go for a longer walk on the weekend, though (depending on the weather). On top of that, I do small bodyweight excercises - a few squats or lunges or counter push ups after every bathroom visit.


I'd appreciate every comment (preferably encouragement ;) ). My overall goal is to lose some weight, and I've done several challenges with you Rebels, but I'm still nowhere near where and what I want to be. That's part of my problem, though: I suck at setting goals and struggle with the long-term motivation. Maybe I can come up with an answer to the ongoing question I'm asking myself: Why am I doing this?

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I'll try to note down my food every day, and I have started yesterday:


Oct 8:

1820 kcal - perfect

Protein shakes, homemade low-carb pizza with onions and tuna - no sugar and no dairy :encouragement:


Oct 9:

1990 kcal - a little over my goal, yet still under 2000, and I did a long walk earlier

Protein shake, homemade chicken soup (no potatoes or noodles), meat-filled pumpkin - no sugar and no dairy :encouragement:

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I think a food log helps.  Write down everything and as you review it in the evening or whenever you'll see where you are making bad choices and can come up with a strategy for the next day.  or you'll see that you have a good streak going which can be just as helpful!


To kill my sugar craving I stopped eating bread.  I used to drink alot of soda, like easily 6 every day.  regular cokes.  I kept trying to stop but nothing worked until, unrelated, I stopped eating bread.  In just a week, I'm not kidding, I absolutely no longer craved soda.  no sweets.  nothing.  my sugar craving just died.  this was a 20+ year habit, part of my personality, part of my coping strategies for getting focused and getting work done.  But once I dropped the bread I dropped the soda.  Still not interested in it and it's been over two years.  I do notice if I eat bread a couple days in a row I do start to crave sugar again so I definitely limit my bread intake.  So maybe it's something you might want to try.  I used to eat alot of breakfast sandwiches and sandwiches for lunch so it was a big part of my eating.  Now I treat bread like dessert because I know it's a sugar trigger for me.


Overall your goals look great!  Two weeks is plenty of time to jump in play!  Keep us posted on your progress :)

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Hey there! Turning up at any point is better than not turning up at all. 


So far your challenge looks great! Losing weight can be a lengthy progress, and its about building good sustainable habits. Stick with the diet for the next two weeks and see how it goes - as diet is 80% weight loss. In the future try adding in extra habits that you want to build towards weight loss. 


For fitness - bodyweight is probably more effective for strength building and weight loss, though I do love to run / walk, and so focus more on that. But your fitness sounds pretty good already.


For setting a weight loss goal, do you know how much you want to lose? Do you have a deadline? Making specific goals often makes the path to take clearer. 


But you're doing pretty well so far, so all the best, I'll be following along!

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Hey you two,


Thanks for stopping by! :)


mom2sjm: I've been logging my food for years now. I have a simple excel sheet where I enter my weight and what I eat, just the very basics, every day (though my "official" weigh-in for better comparison is Wednesday). This is mostly because I have some food allergies and need to track down if they cause any problems. In addition, I use this as a reference when I'm lost in my "what do I eat todayyyy?!"-thoughts (sadly I don't remember that often to check that list, it would be really helpful during those moments!)


In addition, I often use a online food log which gives me exact calories. I do have some problems with that, sometimes, when I eat food where I have to guess what's inside or how much of each ingredient, so there are gaps. Also I sometimes get so frustrated that I don't log anything there (but I do use my excel sheet, except on days when I'm not at home).


Because I have these allergy problems and have to avoid certain foods, I tend to go overboard with stuff I can eat. It's a lot like being on a suboptimal diet: "You mustn't have food x!" and the dieter sneaks to the fridge when nobody is looking and stuffs himself with the forbidden stuff (oi, lots of 'stuff' there :D ). Only if I do that, I'm getting really ill. So I struggle between "you can't have food x, even if it really tastes good, but instead you can have food y, which is not that delicious, but good for you. You also could have a tiny bit of food z - it's not that bad, but you will regret it later. Or you can have zz, which is unhealthy, but delicious and won't harm you as much as x or z." That's when I end up in a candy jar or eating chocolate (chocolate is a z-food, I shouldn't really have much of it, and candies don't harm me per se, but the sugar is not too good for me either).


Food I can't have: gluten (sometimes in small amounts, if I've been really good the previous days), any legumes (especially peanuts and soy, but also no peas or beans for me), and dairy is a bit of a z-food - I'd do better without it. Nuts and almonds can be an issue, too, and I have a histamine problem. So what I usually eat is some meat and vegetables and probably something starchy like rice or potatoes or pumpkin or quinoa and such. Having a selfmade protein shake with beef protein, coconut oil and some fruit (like applesauce or shredded dates or pureed berries) helps a lot: it's comparatively low in calories (and especially low carb; in general,  I'm leaning towards low-ish carb, high(er) fat) and very easy - takes my mind of "what do I eat today!" It's not as tasty as a whole steak, though, or a burger, or something like that, so sometimes there is a lot of "do no want!" involved.


IAmInfinite: weight loss is a big problem for me because I have a medical condition called "lipedema" which makes weightloss extremely difficult (yet it would be great for my body IF I could shed some!). On my blog I explain a little more detailed and show one or two pictures, but it's better to take a look at googles image search (as I'm a little shy and have not yet posted 'naked' pictures). My current weight is 97 kg and I'm 169 cm tall. For me, a healthy weight would be something between 65 and 70 kg, so it would be great to lose 30 kg - which is probably impossible because of that darned lipedema (I have two types of fat in my body: regular fat like everybody else, which I can diet away, and lip-fat, which is not impressed at all by diet or sports and sticks to my arms and legs like glue). For the past 15 years my weight has fluctuated somewhere between 90 and 100 kg, mostly around 97 kg, so I have absolutely no idea how a slimmer version of me would be. Disfigured, probably, because my legs and arms will still be fat (maybe a little thinner, though), So I lack incentive to lose weight because I'm constantly thinking "why bother, you can't do it anyway". That's really hard to overcome, even if there are a few (very few) success stories out there of people with lipedema who have managed to slim down at least a little.


During summer, I managed to shed a little weight, I went down to 93 kg, which was, for me, a huge success. But depression hit hard and now I'm really struggling to get back on track. Only two days ago I managed to put together some goals (calorie counting, no sweets, no dairy), and I'm already struggling on days like today. Yet I'll do my best.


Today was rather stressful. I had my first protein shake past noon - a little late, although I have quite some experience with intermittend fasting. I did not feel hungry, but suddenly rather weak, and the shake helped not enough, so I emptied half a bag of cashews afterwards. That was a little too much, but I had nothing else and just couldn't stop. I had to go from work right to an appointment with only a five minute stop at a grocery store, where I made a good decision and grabbed some deli turkey and small cucumbers (originally I wanted to go for their sushi, but they were out). However, my appointment was very strenuous (emotionally) and left me... hungry, partly, but mostly craving my sushi (it's a comfort food, even if it's not too good for me and contains a little dairy; I omit the soy sauce completely, though), so I went to another branch of that store, got the family box, ate it and then went to my theater rehearsal. That's always a lot of fun, but I'm so exhausted now!


After logging my food, I'm surprised. That was not as bad as I had thought! Granted, a little more carbs than I like, but all in all... could have been worse. And I'm very proud of myself for avoiding my colleague's candies - I had my hand on her jar already when I stopped myself just in time!


Oct 10:

1780 kcal (might not be entirely accurate, still well in my range)

Protein shake, turkey breast, cucumbers, sushi - no sugar :encouragement: but a little dairy (two sushi pieces with cream cheese) :disturbed:


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So awesome that you're here!

All in all, I think you're doing great. You have good goals set for yourself, and I can't imagine the struggle that comes with your condition. So YAY for you! :)


I am guessing you've probably tried what's out there of manual lymph draining, but walking - or moving in general helps, as do alternating hot/cold showers. So, turn your shower to cold when you lather your hair - warm when rinse - cold when soap - warm when rinse - cold at the end. Worth a try if it helps just a little. :)

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Thank you, too, for stopping by! :)


Zula: I wear compression stockings every day (and my sleeves as often as possible, which could/should be a little more...), so that helps with the swelling. But indeed, cool water helps, too. Problem is just - I really hate being cold :D I'm doing my best to rinse at least my legs off with cooler water, but I can't bring myself to real alternating showers...


Vibrantella: there seems to be conflicting theories about the best way of eating with lipedema. Some say that too much protein can agglutinate in or with the small lymphatic vessels (which are already damaged), but the few success stories I have read usually followed a low carb or ketogenic diet. Personally I find that really hard. I'm able to go really lowcarb for a few days, but then inevitably add more carbs again, sometimes even going on a carb-binge. I know I should stick to it for longer, at least two or three weeks, but the few tries I've given it were extremely difficult for me. So for now, I'm trying my best to stay on the lower side of the carbs, but don't attempt true ketosis. Maybe at a later point. It's really motivating to read and watch people shedding their pounds in record time while not being hungry!


I can't give you exact calories of the past two days. Yesterday a colleague had her last day at our company and organized a buffett, where I had some potatoe salad and... "Leberkäse", it's a specialty in Southern Germany (literally "liver cheese", but it doesn't contain either liver or cheese). It's similar to a meatloaf, but made from pork, and looks a little like a slab of cheese, hence the name. I had two slices of that and absolutely no idea of the calories. I think the potatoe salad was made without dairy, but I can't be sure.


Later that day, I tripped a little up and fell into the "it doesn't matter now"-trap. As I had no way of tracking or even guessing my calories, I stopped altogether. I didn't go completely overboard, yet I possibly ate a little more than would have been good.


On the up side, I lost some weight, and more important: I overcame some serious cravings for sweets and didn't touch my colleague's candy jar! Which was (and is) really hard (I think I'm getting closer to "that time of the month", where cravings usally hit really hard).


The weekend will be a challenge: my boyfriend is coming over (we're living a bit apart and see each other only every two or three weeks). He's overweight, diabetic and has high blood pressure and even WANTS to lose some weight, but his life is stressful right now and all we both want to do is relax and have fun together, which usually includes some chips, sweets, lemonade and pizza (gluten-free for me, still, it's pizza). I'm not so sure I can hold myself to my limits, but I will try my best.

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here is a cool no sugar chart you might like.  it is 15 days but could take you out of the final week of this challenge and cover week zero of the next.


hope the weekend with the boyfriend wasn't too crummy food indulgent but that you were able to relax and have fun other ways!

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Soooo. I failed rather spectacularly. Too much pressure lead to too much sugar and overall calories. I'm not exactly sure how to get back on track, but at least I have a slight idea. And I will check out your link, mom2sjm :) I'm not giving up! One day I'll learn to eat well!


Hope you all did better in your challenges than me!

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