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Acadia National Park

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Have any of you guys hit up Acadia in Maine? I'm taking a vacation at the end of October to Bar Harbor and I'm planning on trekking around the park as much as I can.


I've heard the paths are pretty decent for newcomer hiking, so I'm feeling pretty confident about being able to handle it. But it's also a huge park so if anyone has suggestions at the best areas that'd be cool :)

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I just recently moved to New England and just this morning was thinking of checking out Acadia next summer.  I'd be every interested in hearing about your trip! If you're there right now, I'm sorry.  The weather must be horrible. :P

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Sooo I was there then, and yeah the weather was on and off

It was COLD but oddly didn't snow even though it was snowing back home (Mass)


The park was AMAZING and beautiful but we only hung around the Park Road Loop driving around and stopping at various spots. It was too cold to hit the trails and wound up raining half the week. However our second to last day we braved the pouring rain to check out Thunder Hole which I think the rain made much more interesting.


The town is beautiful and fun but next time I go I have to go maybe like a month earlier, there were a few things we wanted to check out (restaurants and attractions) that had JUST closed for the season a few weeks before. The deals I got on the shops that were just starting to close were great though.

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