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Healthy and filling midnight snacks (or 3:30 AM snacks)?


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One thing that always seems to trip me up, even after a day of eating very well, is late night hunger. I sometimes wake up at 3:30ish in the morning very hungry, and while I've tried eating a yogurt cup or applesauce, it almost never fills me up and I wind up going for an entire bagel or something similar before I feel full enough to go back to sleep. 


So basically, what are some suggestions for either good late night snacks that aren't a full meal or any tips on making this stop altogether? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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First I'd try to add more protein and fiber to your dinners, that could help you last out the night. I know I wake up hungry if I don't have a filling enough healthy dinner.


But the same applies for the midnight snack. Try having some precooked chicken lying around in the fridge and eat about 3oz of that? Or even a packet of tuna?

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