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Travels and Adventured of Solacin

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This will be my official Blog for all of my traveling adventure summaries

Adventure 1 – Road through History and Liberty

Saturday I have returned from a weeks’ vacation. I was at Williamsburg Virginia. I go on this trip almost every year for the past 6 to 8 years. This time however due to being a part of Nerd Fitness, I have turned my trip into a quest.

I broke it down to multiple parts to grade my growth

Nutrition- To eat healthy throughout the week

Knowledge- to learn something new

Adventure- to travel new area and gain new experiences

I will not lie to you all and tell you that I have done what I have set out to do. Some aspects I completed with flying colors. On the other I have failed and will make up for it on the up and coming weeks.

The quest of Nutrition, like other, vacation I have failed at. Throughout the week I kept a food log to watch and see what I would each. In the nicest of ways, I ate crap. Burgers, Pizza, so on and so forth.

The Knowledge portion I believe I have grown in. I believe that anytime that I go to Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown that I learn something new. I learned about the JD Rockefellers Jr. who reconstructed Williamsburg from the past. I was able to see new archeological sites that are bringing and rewriting history even now.

Adventure, now this was something that I can say was complete. This year I have traveled to two now areas within near Williamsburg, more close to Richmond, The Berkley Plantation and Shirley Plantation. Both of these sites were full or massive amounts of history. My girlfriend and I walk through the gardens and house tours to find out mysteries that once I never had known. We have also walked miles around, in, and through the Colonial Areas of Williamsburg. We attended a concert within the Governors Palace. We danced at the Raleigh Tavern Billiard Room.  We listen to ghost story

There was so much to do and yet we ran out of time.

I, since then, have put myself on a schedule were fitness and discipline due to my failure of the Nutrition portion of my trip. I am walking to and from my bus stops to work each day; to is a ½ Mile and from is 1 ½ mile. I am currently doing the academies workout, to ease myself into the hardcore working out. I will be the fittest I ever been for the next Spartan Race and other OCR’s that I am doing. I will be in shape and happy for my Next adventure

Item Received for Trip: Print  (Surrender at Yorktown) and Book (Common Sense by Thomas Paine) 

Please Comment, Question and thank you.

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