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I figure I should probably make one of these for accountability. I know myself well enough to know that I will at some point - likely sometime soon - get hit with the usual feeling of apathy about the whole 'bettering my life' thing, so this might help offset that. I don't have any big lists or anything of the sort yet, but I'm going to be adding those - likely sometime soon, with my endgame goals outlined in something of a tree breaking down each endgame in to individual steps. But that can be for later, since I just finished my last workout of the week! And what a workout it was:


  • 20 body weight squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 walking lunges
  • 10 dumbbell rows
  • 15 second plank
  • 30 Jumping Jacks

All in rapid succession, like the beginner bodyweight routine recommended, plus the warm-up and static stretching routine from Startbodyweight.com!


For foodbits, I had:


  • A golden delicious apple
  • A golden delicious banana
  • A golden delicious Red Robin burger, macaroni & cheese, and some brownies.
  • Creatine in water!


Not really the healthiest day, but today's my cheat day and my ex's birthday, so I wanted to stick it to her by actually enjoying the day. Tomorrow, after work, handstand practice! I was also trying to find more ways to gamify my life, so if anyone has suggestions I'm all ears. Also I could use more books.

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All right, I did the handstand practice outlined in this Nerd Fitness blog post. While doing them I came to the conclusion that my wrists are horribly maintained and I should do the wrist stretching exercises every day, preferably in the morning since they're easy and quick and it'll get my wrists fired up for work. I figure eventually they'll gain the flexibility I'm going to need in order to do handstands!


Today I ate:


Nothing for brekkie.


A spinach Bullrito with extra steak, queso, lettuce, and fat free refried beans for lunch, with a Mountain Dew Code Red when I got home. It was a relaxing, given I was forced to work today. :(


Drinking lots of water, and going to eat less for dinner today to compensate for the Bullrito and Dew calories.

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Yesterday I did the whole nerd fitness bodyweight workout and ate a nice banana and red delicious apple, on top of a salad! The salad had chard, spinach, baby kale, carrots, chia seeds, real bacon crumbles, crushed walnuts and italian dressing. It was pretty good! Likely going to have another one of those today, but with half an enchilada since yesterday I didn't get nearly enough calories.


Today I've also done my handstand practice. Looking forward to wall walking soon, but for the moment the wrist exercises are amazing simply because my wrists are problem areas due to my job in data entry.

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I am the worst at this whole 'do this thing daily and don't forget!' thing, so this is a week report, I suppose?


I lost 5 lbs this past week, so that's nice. I had a spinach, baby kale, and chard salad every day of the week along with a banana for lunch and apple for breakfast. I've been chugging water like my life depends on it (because it does!) and I'm starting to feel much like an actual human being again.


I do need to fix my sleep schedule, because any progress I make with diet and exercise is going to be kicked in the nads otherwise. No matter how much better food and water and exercise makes me feel, if I don't fix my sleep, I'm never going to feel like I can actually do anything or have the energy to do anything, I'll keep being in pain, and I'll never be able to focus. So I'm going to go to sleep at 9:00 - 9:30 PM every day from now on, and I'm going to take sleep aids when I get home if I need to. I've got a new pillow coming in tomorrow that should help me get to sleep as well, since I sleep on my side and all of my pillows are old and ineffective.


I'm keeping up with my exercise, slowly making my way through progressions and correcting my posture for squats and push-ups. It's going to take a while for me to get the balance I need in order to do a squat without holding on to something since I'm used to crouching down on my toes rather than with my feet flat, so I have to break that habit and make my ankles more flexible.


Handstands are coming along slowly as well, since my wrists and hands are messed up from work and not actually stretching them, so I'm doing the wrist flexibility exercises in the Handstands post on Nerd Fitness in order to make them more mobile and heal the damage that I allowed them to sustain. It's making me better at my job, since I haven't been able to type like I'm used to due to lessening mobility and hand pain. Which is good - the better I do at work, the more money I get!


Yesterday I felt like an actual human being despite no sleep at all the previous night, after my workout and eating. I used a foam roller to ease out a knot that has been making workouts difficult for me for a month and holy crap did that feel amazing. I'm going to do it again today since that's what I was advised to do with foam rollers - keep doing it consistently and stretch as well. It's going to feel even better today, since I went to sleep on time and got a decent night's rest - so I'm looking forward to everything.


In addition to the loss of 5 lbs, I'm much more agile than I was a month ago, and I walk around with a lot more energy and agility. I can feel the changes that stretching and yoga have done to my muscles, and I'm looking forward to what the 1st of December holds for me to report. Already my flexibility is increasing! it feels good, and at the rate I'm moving I'll be hitting my goals by year's end or the end of January.

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