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Druids report

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Another four weeks have vanished.

But they were also used for completing a challenge.



This is your place for a wrap up of your success.

What did you achieve?

What did you learn about yourself and your goals?

What goals will you keep or deepen next time?

What new goals are there to be accomplished?

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The final grade I gave myself for this challenge is a B+.


No More Goddamn Candy Corn Goal

I purchased one bag of candy corn about a week after the challenge started because I was losing my damn mind.  I portioned out 8 servings and told myself that those servings had to last to the end of the challenge.  I still have one portion left in the cupboard.  Now seeings as I would normally go through an entire bag in less than a week, I say that is pretty good.  However, my sugar dragon is still a bit out of control, and I'm still working on trying to find a happy balance.


Stop Being a Lazy Asshole Goal

At the beginning of the challenge, I eased my way back into this.  I was doing 4 workouts a week, but I feel like I wasn't really challenging myself too much.  Casual walks during my breaks at work and a bit of yoga here and there...  But the past two weeks, I've been stepping it up a bit.  I've been getting on my treadmill and setting the incline pretty high and going for 40 minutes/2 miles.  This week, I even worked out on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and I normally NEVER work out on those days.  On top of that, I have been trying to do ALL the bodyweight squats.  I really love squats now that I can actually do them with proper form!


Go To Bed Goal

If I'm counting correctly...I have only fallen asleep on the couch 7 times since September 17th.  That's 7 times in 5 whole weeks!  I have actually gone to bed 28 times in 35 days!!  Of all the things I've done during this challenge, I am the most proud of this.  I am definitely going to try to keep up with it as well:  I feel better, I have more energy, my mental clarity is sharper, and I am much less crabby.  It's still hard to do some nights, but so worth it.



In fact, I liked this whole challenge so much that I might just continue through the next one!  


Until next time, Druids. :) 

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