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Myrik decided to spend the next month preparing for his return to the ruins.  Not sure what to expect he chose to improve his climbing ability, know that his shoulders need the most attention for his climbing he also decided that working on handstands would help with the climb.  Know that the Evil inside the temple is capable of inflicting harm on one's soul, He decided to continue meditating and start reading to help with his mental focus.  




Goal I
This month I will focus on Pull ups and Chin Ups.  My plan to achieve this is to do 10 pull ups or chin ups (at a progress stage I can safely do) a day.
5 points a day where this is accomplished.

Goal II
Work on my handstand times.  Currently I am stuck at the 30-45 second mark.  My goal by the end of this is to double those times.  So 60-75 second holds. To accomplish this goal I will do handstands every day for AMSAP.
Every day I do this is 5 points.
Completing overarching goal is 80 points.

Goal III
Ready for the Ruins
Get my weight down.  I want to drop 5 lbs this month, and get my body fat down as well.  I don't know what my BF goal is but anything below the weekly average of 15% will be a win for me.
10 points a week for tracking
100 points if this is accomplished by the 26th of November.  To achieve this I will continue to use my body tracking spreadsheet and start using MFP again.

Goal IV
Mental Fortitude
Continue meditating twice a week for 10 plus minutes each time.  I will maintain the same scoring as last month 10 points for each mediation session that exceeds 10 minute.

Also would like to finish reading Ready Player One and start and finish The Father You've always wanted.  If I can finish both by the end of the challenging I'll give myself 20 points 10 points a book, but only get the points if i finish both.



If my calculations are correct this should be a total of 600 points.  My rewards with be on the 100 point mark starting at 300 with a special reward for hitting 650 points through extra meditation(5) throughout the challenge.


300 points earns one nerdy reward

400 points earns one nerdy reward plus one fitness reward

500 points earns two nerdy rewards plus one fitness reward

600 points earns two nerdy rewards  plus two fitness rewards

650 points Special reward of my choice.


Points earned during zero week do not count towards overall points zero week is a category all its own if i can reach the 110 points in Zero week I will earn one small reward of my choice

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Sunday 23 OCT: 



Plyo Pushups - 10/10

Squat Thrusters - 10/10

Burpee with Tuck Jump - 5/5

Tuck Jumps - 10/10

Lateral Jumping Squat - 12/12

Decline Pushup - 5/10

Chin Up - 3/3/3



About to go for a run.  will update more when done.


Runner 5 to the gate!


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@Ryuu1011 Thanks for that video you link in my last challenge, After my run tonight my knee was hurting as well as my calves.  Did the video and i feel great, think i figured out what might be part of the issue, i seem to favor one side of my body more so when I run the outside of my right knee hurts and the inside of my left.  I also think my IT bands are super tight and that will need work and take time to loosen.

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Tuesday 25 OCT: 



Crow Pose - 10(s)/10(s)/15(s)/20(s)

Decline pike push ups - 15/15/15  tried the Wall bent waist handstand push up and couldn't complete one without my back bowing down.

Plyo Pushups - 10/10/10

Squat Thrusters - 6/5/6

Chin Up - 3/3/4

Bodyweight squat - 10/10/10

Kickup Wall handstand - 40 seconds

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Thursday 27 OCT: 



Plyo Pushups - 10/10

Squat Thrusters - 5/7

Pull up - 3/3

Chin Up - 3/3

Assisted 1 leg squat - 10(5 per side)/10

Kickup Wall handstand - 30 seconds

Cartwheel bails from "free" handstand (more like a float but it forced me to get the bails done....


Also did some sword play with Vader's lightsaber and some shadow boxing.


Might have done more if my shoulder didn't start hurting, might need to ice it tonight.


@Ryuu1011 quick question, what should i do to help counter favoring one leg more when i run.  THe pain in my knees is leading me to the fact that i am favoring the outside of my right leg.



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Saturday 29 OCT: 





Bodyweight Pushups - 20

Assisted one leg squat - 10(R) 6(L)

Jump rope single - 100

Negative Chin up(in seconds) - 12 seconds

Plyo Pushups - 10/10

Squat Thrusters - 5/5

Pull up - 3

Chin Up - 3/3

parallel grip pull up - 3

Walk walks and Hold(5 seconds) - 2/2/2


Did some adulting, by some i mean replaced a broken seal on my downstairs toilet, found out the flange is broken so had to find a repair kit, then a new drill bit for tile and concrete, and the right screws.  Started around 1pm didn't finally finish til 9pm.

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Wow, those are some great handstand times! :o Do you have any favourite drills on how to get there?


A bit of unsolicited advice but try and rotate your shoulders out instead of in (hands should point straight forward). Hope you don't mind, but it's just really not that great for the shoulders otherwise. Also yay for #WednesdayBridgeClub!


Good luck on the challenge!

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I followed the Jedi handstand post on NF. Those times are me against a wall. Still can't do a free standing handstand yet. But I'm getting there.

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On 10/30/2016 at 2:41 AM, Mad Hatter said:

A bit of unsolicited advice but try and rotate your shoulders out instead of in (hands should point straight forward). Hope you don't mind, but it's just really not that great for the shoulders otherwise. Also yay for #WednesdayBridgeClub!

Thanks for this advice i tried it with my hands pointing straight and it was more comfortable, and much easier to get out of.  Thanks a lot.

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Monday 31 OCT: 



Burpees with Jump tucks 5/5

Assisted one leg squats - 5 each side

Chin Up - 5/5/5/5

(Mini)Chest to bar modified for rings, with feet elevated 20 seconds

(Mini)Ring rows in 60 seconds - 19

(Mini)Ring rows AMRAP - 10

Wall handstand - 60 seconds(New PR) / 35 seconds

Broad jump - 6 feet 3 times

Was also able to do a tucked leg leg back lever and hold for 5 seconds, tried for a  One leg extended back lever and almost fell.


Meditated for 15 minutes.


All points will now be tracked on my spreadsheet.

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Wednesday 02 NOV: 



Double Unders - 3 min drills


Lateral Lunge(per side) - 5/5

Burpees with Jump tucks - 5/5

Chin Up - 5/5

Negative pulls 10 second decline - 2/2

Wall handstand - 40sec/30sec

Kneeling Jump Squats - 5/5

Wallwalk - 3/2

Kettlebell military press(per side) - 10@10#/10@10#

Kettlebell curls to exhaustion (per side) - 30@10#


Also finished Ready player One by Ernest Cline.  Good book, definitely one every nerd should read.

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So today was a good and productive day.  Had the inspector finally come out to look at the damage the movers did to my stuff.  Finished fixing the toilet from hell, and mowed the backyard.  Now to install the new light switch in my bedroom.  This weekend should be good as well I work early shift so I get out by 1330, all weekend and CoD: IW comes out tonight.  


Might need you guys to remind me Sunday afternoon to get off my butt and workout.

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Friday 04 NOV: 



Double Unders - 3 min drills (need a new jump rope mine is not made for doubles, cant get enough speed behind it.)


Wall Walk - 3

Ring Row - 10

Burpees with Jump tucks - 5

Chin Up - 5

Negative pulls 10 second decline - 2

Kneeling Jump Squats - 5

Body weight squats - 10

Wall handstand - 32 seconds


So due to sleep deprivation from less than 4 hours of broken sleep my body is to fatigued to do more than one set.  For some reason my body didn't want to sleep last night.  Slept for 3 solid hours from 9ish to 1130 then was up til 1ish and slept til 230ish.  had to be up to get ready for work by 345 so i said screw it and got up.  made it through the 8 hours at work pretty easily.  I will finish the last of my daily pull ups before bed tonight.  And will try and get a 10 minute meditation in sometime today.

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A knock at the door caused Myrik to lose his balance forcing him to Pirouette out of his handstand. Grabbing Citipati from her sheath hanging from the bed post.  "Can I help you" Myrik called to the person at the door.  "HE wants to see you"  calls a familiar voice.  Myrik lets out a sigh.  "Give me 10 and I'll be out" He replies.  Myrik hated meeting with Tevok, his golden eyes unnerved him.  Myrik always felt like he was peering into his soul.  Myrik quickly dressed in his supple leather jerkin and padded boots.  Myrik stepped out into the moon lit street and started off to the meeting place.  Taking several twists and turns Myrik arrived at the meeting place.  Tevok was already waiting for him when he arrived his golden eyes glowing in the moon light.  "I hear you have discovered a set of ruins deep in the sewers" He says to Myrik.  Knowing it is useless to lie to him Myrik says "Yes but I have not been able to explore it fully due to a presence that wants to keep me out."



This week has gone well so far.  I missed 1 full day of everything and 1 additional day of handstands.  I will need to make up for these missed days by meditating extra next week.  Wound up buy some knee braces to see if they will help with my knee pain while running.  Will report back on this tonight if I can get a run in today after work. 


Goal I (pullups) is going great when I started this month I couldn't do a single pull up from a dead hang now I and almost do 3.  My chin ups are getting better as well and I can go chest to bar on 5 in a row.


Goal II (Handstand) is going well also, I was able to set a new PR of 60 seconds with a constant training time of 30 seconds.  It feels like my wrists and rotor cuff area are holding me back.  Any advice on how to strengthen these areas to improve my handstand would be greatly appreciated.


Goal III (body comp) is going okay, I have lowered my weight but my body fat % is still staying around 16%, hoping running will help me lose a little bit more.


Goal IV (Mental) meditations are going well and I finished 1 of the 2 books I want to read this month.

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Sunday 06 NOV: 



Wall handstand - 40 seconds/40/40

push up - 10/20/10

1 leg pushup - 5(per side)/5/5

Chin Up - 5/5/5

Ring straight arm support - 30second/30/32

Burpees with Jump tucks - 5/5/5

Broad jump - 6'x3/6'x3, 7'x1(new PR)/6.5x4

Assisted one leg squats - 5(per side)/5/5


10 minutes of mindful stretching and 15 minutes of meditation.  I actually almost fell to sleep twice during the meditation.  

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Tuesday 08 NOV: 



Squat - 10(goblet while holding my little bunny(Youngest Daughter))/10

Box drills - 30 second per leg

incline push up - 10/10

Box jumps - 50 @ 19 inches

Broad jumps - 22 in 60 seconds between 5 and 6 feet each jump.

Tuck Jumps - 48 in 60 seconds

Burpees with Jump tucks - 10/5

Wall handstand(seconds) - 32/30

Chin ups - 3/3/3

pullup - 3


This weeks Mini kicked my butt but i feel great.  Next time I might spread it out over 2 workouts instead of 1.  We will see.


Went for a run yesterday (Paul Revere mission for you other runner 5's)  15 minute mile, but my knee braces helped a lot.  Need to figure out the proper fit for my left leg but the right side felt and preformed great which makes me happy because that was the one i was having issues with.

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21 hours ago, Myrik said:

This weeks Mini kicked my butt but i feel great.  Next time I might spread it out over 2 workouts instead of 1.  We will see.


I've noticed the weeks tend to focus on a specific muscle group/ movement. I don't know how you did all that in one go. Very impressive. Glad you're finding ways to keep your knees healthy!

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Manarelle the Level 60 Amazon Assassin

Challenges: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-50, 51-60, Current


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Thursday 10 NOV: 



pullup - 3/3/2

Wall handstand(seconds) - 40/45/30

Box drills - 30 second per leg/30/30

Broad jumps - 4@6FT/4@6FT/4@6FT

push up - 10/10/10

Plank - 60 Seconds/50/60

Bench dips - 10/10/10

chinup - 3/3/3

Neutral grip pullup- 3


18 minutes of mediation done.  Feeling good today.  Got lots of sleep, passed out at 1830 last night and didn't get up till 4am for work.  The night before was around 2 hours of sleep.  Yesterday was also me and Mrs. Myrik's 11 year anniversary.

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