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Starting Low Fat, Low Fiber Diet

A Grue

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Hey folks.  One of the prime reasons I started NF is because I need some support for starting, and then sticking to, a low fat, low fiber diet.  (See step 3 at the bottom here for an example: https://www.gicare.com/diets/gastroparesis-diet/) I have gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying) and GERD (reflux).  I'm one the milder end of the scale; thankfully I don't have a feeding tube or need a full liquid diet.  But, I'm still haven't really even started following my restrictions.  I'm good at avoiding raw plants, but that's only because they immediately make me feel bad.  The though of leaving behind nuts, dried fruit, whole grains, most red meat, legumes and vegetables with skins or fibrous sections?  It's terrifying and completely overwhelming.


I realize that these restrictions mean that I should basically be eating the opposite of a Paleo diet, but I'm hoping that there are a couple folks here facing the same thing.  I recently tried to find a support group to talk to, but they are mostly for folks at the severe end of the scale.  That is totally cool; I just don't want to bother people recovering from cancer with my much more minor issue.  Any advice or commiserating is appreciated.

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Maybe an east Asian/Pacific style diet would suit you?  It's fairly low fat, white rice is the backbone but it's filled out with well cooked veggies, pickles/ferments, and modest amounts of tofu, eggs, fish and meat.


Only major risks I can think of are high sodium (easy to control if you do your own seasoning) and overdose of starch (measure the rice portions, and you're good).

Just spitballing here, not an expert on digestive disorders but I do like cuisine.

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