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ManicSpider's Fortress Siege #2


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Back again for Round 2 of the Siege! Same goals (Eat, Drink, Sleep, Lift/Cardio) with the aim of doing slightly better than last Challenge. 




I stopped posting towards the end of Week 4, because I was pretty exhausted from riding a lot (yay!). Even though I've done an awful lot of exercise over the past two weeks, I'm still the same weight because I've been absolutely starving. I'm sort of all right with that, because it's hard to make all your plates spin at once, and as long as my weight is stable I can get the bike-riding plate going and then when it's looking pretty established start speeding up the weight-plate. 


I am really proud of how I did last Challenge. Here's the run down: 




So once again I didn't do any cardio in Week 1, and then my water and food dropped off in Week 4. That may also be a concern again this Challenge because Week 1 I am at PAX Aus (PAX WOO!). 


The comparison chart is really nice to look at ^_^



Who's got two thumbs and is improving in every category? 



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7 minutes ago, ManicSpider said:


Who's got two thumbs and is improving in every category? 



Damn straight!!!! Good to see you back for another round, prepare for more epicness! And damn you make me want to embrace charts... Oh how I love charts...

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Okay, so I'm not going to be around for the rest of this week. 


On Monday I moved to a new job location to take up a spot on a new project. This has been a lot of fun, but at the same time I've been putting in massive days to try and get on top of everything. Then tomorrow I go to PAX Australia for a week. 


The best thing I've done to date this challenge was complete my 100kms for October. I was taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money into Children's Cancer Research. This was more than three times my previous monthly total of about 30kms, and I hadn't ridden at all since January. But I made it the whole way and I'm super proud of myself - https://greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Riders/JuliaBurns


Here's a picture of me at the end of the 20km (!!) ride I did to finish the month out - 



Anyways, now I'm off to spend the rest of the week with nerds playing video games, so I'm unlikely to get much done. See you all next week then, when I have to actually buckle down and get serious ^_^


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I kept wanting to have a good day so I could come back and be all like "Yeah, it was off the rails but I'm back with it now"


But I'm not back with it. I've put on in the last 6 months everything I took off in the year before that. I feel awful and a bit hopeless. 


I didn't even enjoy PAX as much as I've done the last few years. There weren't as many people there I knew, and I was anxious about talking to new people because they'd just think I was fat and boring, which is silly I know because most people don't care if you're fat and mostly I avoid being too boring. 


The first step is to get back into at least a few of my habits. I've been going to lifting, and I'm going to go for water and cycling and as many pre-prepped meals as I can. 


I know this post is a bit of a downer, but I needed to at least get back on the forums and start posting everyday again, but I understand it's not inspirational or awesome reading ^_^



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39 minutes ago, Blueberries said:

Nice riding! 


I know it can be kind of tough to come in here and update when things aren't going the way you'd like them to. In my experience, that's precisely when you need to stick around the most. 


I have found that good or bad, sharing things on here have helped me out a lot personally. Just keep doing what you can and it sounds like

you enjoy biking so stick with that and don't be so hard on yourself. We will be here for whatever you need :D


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