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EternalJourno is a party pooper: "It's time to get back to work!"


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Love the Booklet photo!


And I never get email notifications, except when I occasionally get one that has all the activity for the past 3 months or something. I don't even expect them anymore; I just check my notifications and followed content lists, & hope I don't overlook anything.


And we all backslide, and sometimes the slide lasts longer than other times. Maybe if it were as painful as literally falling off a mountain like Rod's ill-fated anger dance (isn't that just a perfect parody of nearly every early 80s pop video?), we wouldn't do it so often. Unfortunately, it is more like sliding into an old set of pjs: comfortable and familiar. I'm trying to enforce Steve's "never two in a row" rule: never miss two workouts in a row, never mis-eat two meals in a row, etc. Who knows, maybe it will work? One thing I do know is that getting down on yourself over the backslide will make it all the harder to get back to the habits you know you really want to build - self-berating leads to guilt, guilt leads to resentment, resentment leads to another pizza & Netflix binge.

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"'It's time for a few small repairs,' she said." - Shawn Colvin



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1 hour ago, Bookish Badger said:

I'm trying to enforce Steve's "never two in a row" rule: never miss two workouts in a row, never mis-eat two meals in a row, etc.

I like this!


@EternalJourno, why beat yourself up or analyse why?  Just brush it off, and get on with the progress! You and your cute dog can do it! :D 

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Hey mate,how's things going?

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Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.

                                                                                                                       -Miyamoto Musashi

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Hiya EJ!!! I'm doing a respawn too so the first thing I'm doing is tracking down my old buddies and tuning into their threads. :) Great to see you're still around! Booklet is looking so adorable!


I think I'm going to be sharing one big goal with you on the alcohol side of things this time around. We'll just have to keep each other honest. :)


Looking forward to hearing updates!!!

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Thanks for checking in, everyone!


Here's a late challenge recap, but I'm sorely lacking on details and grades. The respawn has not been the best, but that's OK. I've decided I'm going to stop being so hard on myself. So no more negative language from me here. :) Instead, I want to touch on a few things from the last few weeks before I start a new challenge. 


First, the weather is getting to my head. I'm using it as an excuse to not go on walks or hikes with Booklet. That needs to end ASAP. I need to just Fortify and go out no matter how cold it looks. Maybe this will be an excuse to buy some winter workout clothes.


I have a treadmill, which is fine for me, but then that leaves Booklet hanging. And I'm thinking of selling the treadmill anyway to alleviate space in my house and also to get some extra funds in my pocket. I recently had my nice camera stolen. That was a serious kick in the gut, but I realize no good comes out of dwelling on it. So I'm letting go. I'm considering saving money for a new camera because I really love taking photos, but we'll see how that goes.


I have other stuff around the house I want to sell too. It'll be nice to have some extra cash, but really I think it would be a nice exercise in letting go of material things. I have a lot of DVDs that I used to watch a lot. But these days with Netflix and digital movies, I don't watch them anymore. I also need to sell/give away clothes that no longer fit so I can make room for new slimmer clothes. 


Another issue is that I'm avoiding the switch from home workouts to the gym. I really want to make the jump to gym workouts. I know I'll be fine once I get going, but it's that initial step that's holding me back. I just need 20 seconds of courage. I haven't stepped foot in a gym in a long time and I'm worried about being too much of a noob. But I know that's just in my head, so I need to get over it. 


One major thing that's been distracting me is Twitch. I recently started watching some streamers almost religiously. That has overcome my Netflix habit, lol. But it keeps me from my routine. So I need to better regulate my time on Twitch or quit cold turkey. Also because I've been watching gamers a lot lately, it got my really hyped about the new Pokemon game, so I got a Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon Sun. I've been playing nonstop for the past week. I need to better limit my time playing as well. 


I've been neglecting my daily battle log and the forums. I need to get back on it. Checking in here and seeing everyone else's progress definitely helps keep myself on track. Really, I just need to get back to basics. 


Oh, and I got really sick this past week! So that was fun, lol. It was either food poisoning or some sort of stomach bug. The bad part is that it happened over Thanksgiving weekend, so I didn't get to eat anything and didn't go out to see family. The good part is that I didn't eat anything! lol That means I actually lost some weight just from the starvation alone, lol. But my brother and his family visited me and brought me food, so that was really nice. 


I'm feeling much better now though. I'm going to do some meal prep today. I have a new tenant moving in this week (by the way one of my roommates moved out). I was worried about the lack of income, but now that I know someone new is moving in, I feel relieved. Then after meal prep, I'm going out on a date! That's right, a date! I met a girl recently and we've been hanging out, taking things slow. Tonight we're gonna go to a movie and dinner. So wish me luck! 

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Sorry about your camera, man. That's shitty. New gear is expensive, so hopefully you can work with what you have. I hardly ever use anything besides my camera phone anymore (Snapseed is awesome, and I'm addicted to "slo-mo"). :eagerness: Do you have a gym you already like? Some are less intimidating for newcomers, so maybe try out a few if they'll let you. Enjoy your date!

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@SaltyDragon, I haven't actually tried any gyms yet. There's one in town that a friend has recommended. She's a Nerd Fitness Rebel too. Another friend of mine goes to the city-run fitness center. I've considered joining him there too. I just need to go for it and try out a few until I find my stride. 

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Sounds sort of like the perfect storm. But it also sounds like you're going to come out stronger for it. While that does suck about your camera, you're definitely going about it in the best possible way. As for the gyms, definitely try them out before you commit. It's surprising how much they can vary in clientele and atmosphere. Hope your date went well. 

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